British Royals Attend at Church in Scotland

This past Sunday, members British Royal Family attended Sunday Service at Crathie Kirk Church in Aberdeen, Scotland. Queen Elizabeth wore a dark purple suit and hat trimmed with feathers.

Queen Elizabeth, August 17, 2014 | Royal Hats

After a bit of digging, I wonder if this hat is a remodeled version of the purple hat below. Both hats consist of an angular crown covered in purple fabric and a small, downward facing brim in coordinating purple straw. The trim is different and it looks like the piping round the brim has been replaced with a wider version I suspect might be fabric (in the original version below, the brim edge was straw). While the colour and angle of the above photo makes it difficult to tell for certain, I do think this may be the same hat.

Queen Elizabeth, November 6, 2004 | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth at the wedding of Edward van Cutsem and Lady Tamara Grosvenor, November 6, 2004

Designer: unknown. My guess was Philip Sommerville but with this remodel, I’m not longer certain
Previously Worn: July 18, 2010July 12, 2007October 24, 2006; November 4, 2005; June 15, 2005April 5, 2005; November 6, 2004; July 6, 2004; April 7, 2004

Princess Eugenie accompanied her grandparents to church in a dark grey wool beret trimmed with feathers. We’re going to have to wait for another outing of this hat to catch a better look.

Princess Eugenie, August 17, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown. I thought it might be Sarah Cant but confirmed it is not.
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

Photos from AOP via Royalista and Mike Marsland via Getty

Swedish Monarchs Participate in Vintage Car Rally

Last Saturday, August 16, 2014, King King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden attended the King’s Rally on the island of Öland. The royal couple joined 350 other vintage car enthusiasts in the King’s 1946 Volvo PV 60. For this event, Queen Silvia topped her 1940s inspired red peplum suit with a red and black straw cloche hat. The cloche was trimmed with large straw flowers and bows on the side that trailed in long tails around the bottom of the hat. I don’t expect we’ll see this hat for future daytime royal engagements but it was so very suitable for this event. The King looked quite handsome in a white fedora; I loved how he matched his red polka dot bow tie to his wife’s ensemble.

Queen Silvia, August 16, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Silvia, August 16, 2014 | Royal Hats

Queen Silvia, August 16, 2014 | Royal Hats Queen Silvia, August 16, 2014 | Royal Hats

Photos from Stella via Svenskdam

Following Queen Elizabeth’s Blue Straw and Velvet Hat

A Track a hatWhile it is great fun to admire the merits of royal hats, I am often curious about the life of a hat. How many times is it worn? What kind of occasion warrants the debut of a new hat? So, following your suggestion, dear readers, I’m pleased to announce a new feature here on the blog, a feature that will have us follow the life of a royal hat.  And who better to kick off this feature than Queen Elizabeth.

The Hat: Turquoise blue Rachel Trevor Morgan design with a straw brim and square shaped crown covered in turquoise velvet. The crown is wrapped in a ruched sash in the same velvet and the hat is trimmed with a crimson silk rose and small, curling crimson and turquoise feathers.

Debut: October 19, 2006 for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s arrival in Tallin, Estonia on a landmark tour of the Baltic countries. The Queen wrapped a blue scarf round her neck and the print of her dress (which relates to the crimson bloom on the hat) was only visible on her skirt.  Event importance: very high with international media coverage

Queen Elizabeth, October 19, 2006 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats Queen Elizabeth, October 19, 2006 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Second Wearing: June 22, 2007 for Ascot. This time, the floral print of the dress was visible close to the hat and the crimson rose suddenly made sense. Event importance: high with international media coverage.

Queen Elizabeth, June 22, 2007 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Third Wearing: June 5, 2008 for a day of engagements in Cumbria which included tours of the Cumbrian Rural Enterprise Agency and the Cumberland Pencil Factory. Event importance: average

Queen Elizabeth, June 5, 2008 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Fourth Wearing: May 6, 2009 to open a new wing of Altnagelvin area hospital in Londonderry whilst on a 3-day tour of Northern Ireland. Event importance: moderate

Queen Elizabeth, May 6, 2009 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Fifth Wearing: Trooping the Colour on June 13, 2009. After being worn once a year for the past 3 years, the Queen repeats this hat a month after it’s last appearance for her Official Birthday Celebration (arguably, the most photographed day of her year). Event importance: high with international media coverage

Queen Elizabeth, June 13, 2009 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Sixth Wearing: May 20, 2010 on a day of engagements in Yorkshire. Event importance: average

Queen Elizabeth, May 20, 2010 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Seventh Wearing: The Queen repeated this hat again on June 14, 2010 for the Queen’s Cup match at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park. Event importance: Unexpectedly high when the international media noticed the Queen not wearing a seat belt driving herself to and from this event. 

Queen Elizabeth, June 14, 2011 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth, June 14, 2011 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal HatsEighth Wearing: July 14, 2010 in Castle Douglas, Galloway, Scotland. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met members of the farming community and attended a livestock show while touring rural Dumfries and Galloway. Event importance: average

Queen Elizabeth, July 14, 2010 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

I see three particularly interesting things about how this hat has been worn. The first is the once-per-year outings in each of the first three years this hat was in circulation. In its fourth season in 2009, it was worn twice and in 2010, it was seen three times. I suspect Queen Elizabeth’s pattern of increased frequency might be found with other hats as well. Secondly, the hat appears to be unchanged from its debut in 2006. The final observation I have is the varied events this hat has been worn to. I expected it to start with highest profile events (as it did) and slowly move to lowest profile events. The Queen threw a curve in my theory, choosing the fifth outing of this hat for the Trooping the Colour in 2009, one of the highest profile events in her year. It seems like an event that might warrant a new hat but often, Queen Elizabeth wears something we have seen before.

What do you notice about how this hat has been worn? Do you think it has been retired or will we see it again?

Photos from AFP/Stringer, Mark Cuthbert, MJ Kim, and Pool/Tim Graham via Getty; Stringer/UK via Corbis; Chris Jackson and Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty; Bauer Griffin, Bauer Griffin, and Andrew Milligan/Getty via Zimbio

Birthday of Princess Mette-Marit

Royal HatsCrown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway celebrates her 41st birthday today. While we have seen her in some bold, big-brimmed hats and some very daring fascinators in the past, Mette-Marit’s hats over the past three years have been very sedate (most often, replaced with a small, sedate headpiece). I’m not sure what has prompted this hat hiatus for the Crown Princess but I would love to see her regain her millinery stride. I admire the work of Norwegian milliner Ingrid Herud Bråten and would love to see her black wool hat on Princess Mette-Marit. The shape is decidedly modern with a square crown and short brim; the black ruffle trim is a feminine but not too fussy. Mette-Marit often wears ivory or white and I think this black hat would be a wonderfully contrasting touch.

Ingrid Herud Braten design

As we celebrate Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s birthday, what hat would you like to see her wear? Please credit designers when you make your suggestion.

Photo from Ingrid Herud Bråten

Who Wore It Best: August 2014 Poll

2014-08 2

Royal Hats

This summer, our polls have featured neutral-hued hats. We began with the classic straw beret, continued with a diagonal saucer with roses, and most recently, compared some very bold sea shore inspired headpieces. Our final poll of the summer will remain in neutral-hued millinery territory but face off an even more daring pair of summery hats. Last week, a number of you commented on the ostrich feather fringed hat that Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece wore in 2004 for the wedding of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain.  Amazingly, a very similar hat was worn five years earlier by Infanta Elena of Spain at Princess Alexia of Greece’s wedding. For this Spanish-Greek duel of feather fringed picture hats I must ask, dear readers, who wore it best?

Infanta Elena, July 9, 1999 | Royal Hats Infanta Elena, July 9, 1999 | Royal Hats

Infanta Elena, July 9, 1999 | Royal Hats

Infanta Elena of Spain at the July 9, 1999 wedding of Princess Alexia of Greece

Princess Marie-Chantal, May 22, 2004 | Royal Hats  Princess Marie-Chantal, May 22, 2004 | Royal HatsPrincess Marie-Chantal, May 22, 2004 | Royal Hats

Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece at the May 22, 2004 Spanish Royal wedding

This poll will remain open through August 31 at midnight GMT and we will celebrate the winner shortly thereafter. As always, you are welcome to vote as many times as you wish. I most curiously await to see which of these two hats you will propel to victory!

Photos from Antony Jones, Antony Jones, Adrian DennisA. Jones/J. Whatling/J. Parker/M. Cuthbert, and A. Jones/J. Whatling/J. Parker/M. Cuthbert via Getty; and El Mundo

One Hat, Three Dresses, and Trousers

Royal HatsQueen Máxima of the Netherlands is well-known on this blog for her dramatic hats. One of the hat shapes she has embraced in recent years is the ‘slice’- a picture hat with the brim folded sharply upward on one side and downward on the other to create a hat that appears to sit diagonally on the wearer’s head. One of my favourite of Queen Máxima’s ‘slice’ hats is a natural straw version designed by Fabienne Delvigne. Máxima has paired this hat with three different dresses and I am curious, dear readers, which pairing do you think was most successful?

   Queen Máxima, January 24, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats  Queen Máxima, January 24, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Pastel silk striped dress and pink cardigan worn in Singapore, January 24, 2013

Queen Máxima, January 21, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats  Queen Máxima,May 30, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Blue ahd white floral peplum dress worn in Brunei, January 21, 2013 and in Gelderland, May 30, 2013

Queen Máxima, July 2, 2011 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats  Queen Máxima, July 2, 2011 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

The first time we saw this hat- with an orange organza pleated dress for the Monaco royal wedding, July 2, 2011

Update- I completely forgot that Queen Máxima also paired this hat with a monochrome bowed blouse and trousers in May this year for the Cordaid centenary. I don’t suspect this will change the results of our conversation but wanted to add it nonetheless. 

Queen Máxima , May 23, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats Queen Máxima , May 23, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Photos from Patrick van Katwijk, Patrick van Katwijk, Patrick van Katwijk and Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis; Venturelli and Dan Kitwood via Getty; Patrick van KatwijkPatrick van Katwijk via Corbis

Hat From The Past: Off To the Races

A Flashback 46 years ago, a young Prince of Wales accompanied his parents to Ascot. The Prince and Duke of Edinburgh were in grey top hats while the Queen wore a turban entirely covered in silk blooms. It is a lot of hat for a petite monarch (one that could easily overshadow its wearer) but it is delightfully fun on Her Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, August 18, 1968 | Royal Hats

Photo from Keystone/Stringer via Getty