‘New’ Hat From the Past #22

Royal Hats to July 21, 1988 and a very smart white hat with upswept front brim trimmed with yellow flowers worn on a visit to Devon. While the hat follows the capulet shape favoured by the Queen Mother (a cloche shape with extended front brim that is folded back), the angle shown in this photograph makes it look wonderfully chic, almost foreshadowing the upswept brims that are en vogue today.

Photo angles and pairings can make or break a hat, illustrated here with this design’s repeat in the Caribbean in February 1994 with a printed silk dress. While floral print dresses were very much in style during this time, the resulting pairing of hat and dress doesn’t invoke the same descriptors (chic, streamlined, elegant etc.) that come to mind for the first ensemble.

‘New’ Hat From the Past #20

Royal Hats to September 1998 and the opening of the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lampur when Queen Elizabeth wore one of the most oddly shaped hats (a folded pyramid atop a ruched turban trimmed with flowers and bows) I’ve ever seen. The shape and construction of this piece is so unique you’d think it would stick out in memory but I sincerely don’t think I’ve seen it before. Do any of you remember this peculiar piece?

‘New’ Hat From the Past #19

Royal Hats to August 2, 1998 and a sunny yellow hat with wide silk hatband and back bow worn to church at Sandringham. The upswept brim (best visible in the bottom photo) is a precursor to many of the hats we see Queen Elizabeth wear today and doesn’t quite fit with the standard late 1990s millinery shapes that immediately come to mind when thinking of this era. Of all the hats we’ve seen during this series, I think this one is most wearable today.