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Princess Letizia accompanied her husband to the Prince of Asturias Awards 2012 ceremony in Oviedo today. Did she wear a hat? No. A fascinator? Not really… it was more like a hair ornament. But Letizia (and the other Spanish Royal ladies) wears so few hats that we’re counting this one as big enough to feature on the blog! That being said… I’m still on the fence about this one.

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Queen Opens Jubilee Gardens

Queen Elizabeth opened the new Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank in London (next to the London Eye) today. She looked very smart in a deep purple hat and matching coat. The hat is a little too square shaped for my liking although I like the slightly upturned brim and love the deep colour on her.

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Slovakian State Visit to Denmark

Slovakian President Ivan Gasparovic and his wife Silvia arrived in Denmark today for a state visit. The Danish Royal family arrived at the airport to greet them with hats in tow. Queen Margrethe repeated an electric blue beanie cap that I just can’t find much good to say about (any hat that makes a queen look either bald or like a Teletubby is just WRONG).  I think this hat should be retired.

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Princess Marie wore a charcoal grey Garbo hat to match her lovely grey coat dress, but I think the floppy brim of the hat made it fall flat. One of her structured pillboxes would have better suited the structured military cut of her coat dress, me thinks. The only successful hat of the day (in  my humble opinion!) was Princess Mary’s structured dark blue chapeau designed by Danish milliner Susanne Juul. It was absolutely splendid.

 Oct 23, 2012 | Royal Hats  Oct 23, 2012 | Royal Hats

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Luxembourg Wedding: Non Reigning Royal Guests

Royal Hats While a number of European royal houses no longer reign (or even exist) in their home countries, there are still very close ties between the European Royal Families. And most importantly, they still wear hats!

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece leads this group with a beautiful cream pillbox hat designed by Philip Treacy. I loved how this hat fit with her short hair, how it made her stunning emeralds shine, and how the bow added a touch of whimsy and lightness. This is such a great example of how to remain totally elegant while still having fun.

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece is internationally recognized for her style- this woman has closets and closets and closets full of couture. It really puzzles me, in light of her fashionista status, as to why she wore an origami bird on her head. Her hat was also designed by Philip Treacy

Queen Margarita of Bulgaria wore a dark mauve net fascinator to match her beautifully detailed suit.. While I want to give props to any woman over 40 with enough chutzpah to even attempt a net poof in her hair, this one seems a little awkward. What’s not awkward, however, is her incredible diamond pendant. If this suit looks familiar to you, it’s because it is the same suit she wore to the wedding of Infanta Cristina of Spain back in 1997. The fascinator, however seems to be new.

I was so pleased to see the Princess of Turnovo at this event. She and her husband Prince Kardam (son of Princess Margarita and King Simeon of Bulgaria, pictured directly above) were in a horrible car crash in 2008. Kardam suffered a major brain injury and while the details of his condition have not been released, he was in a coma for most of 2008-9 and 2010. With that amazing amount of stress, it’s nice to see Princess Miriam at an event (pictured here with her brother-in-law Prince Kyril). Besides- her hat is fabulous.

Princess Margareta, heir to the defunct Romanian throne, attended this wedding with husband Radu Duda (say that fast five times!) While I’m not a fan of her jacket at all, I love her navy bell-shaped hat with white and navy ribbon trim designed by Kristina Dragomir. The great shape and colour are oh-so flattering on her.

Crown Princess Katherina of Serbia (wife of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia) looked fantastic in a white Philip Treacy hat with upturned lattice brim. It’s the perfect compliment to her ice blue suit and I think it looks so becoming on her.

The Duchess of Braganza is the top lady in the defunct Portugese Royal Family. Isabel’s ensemble at this wedding looked very wintry to me (fur collar and a heavy felt winter hat) – a little too wintry for an October wedding. I suppose the hat was alright… although so forgettable that I can only classify it as boring.

Princess Clotilde of Savoy, the Princess of Venice & Piedmont, was a famous French Actress before marrying her handsome Italian Prince and wore a great deal of amazing french couture. As such, I was a little disappointed by the black fascinator she wore to the wedding. I’m not sure if it reminded me of a pirate eye patch or a hockey puck stuck to her forehead, but I did not like it one bit. It didn’t compliment her grey Elie Sab couture dress, either.

Princess Annemarie of Bourbon Parma looked lovely in a large black hat with electric blue ribbon trim. I just couldn’t figure out how that electric blue ribbon trim (and her weird electric blue belt) went with her cerise dress.

Princess Annemarie of Bourbon Parma, October 20, 2012 | The Royal Hats Blog

And finally, Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (whose title indicates she is a German princess but her mother is Queen Margrethe’s younger sister Princess Bendikte of Denmark) wore a pale pink fasinator with the big 3: pointy fathers, large bow and net veil. I wasn’t a fan of this fascinator when paired with her coral dress (and it made even less sense when she threw a caramel fur stole into the mix) nor the shape on her tall frame. This girl is TALL people- she doesn’t need arrows further pointing that out.

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Luxembourg Wedding: The Princess of Liechtenstein

Royal Hats With such close ties between the Luxembourg and Liechtenstein families (the groom’s aunt is a Princess of Luxembourg through birth and a Princess of Liechtenstein through marriage), it was no surprise to see Prince Hans Adam and Princess Marie Aglaë (Liechtenstein’s equivalent of King and Queen) at this wedding. Princess Marie wore a black organza ribbon fascinator with small feathers… and while I was originally going to make a comment about it being a little young for her, I’ve decided instead to compliment her. I liked how her black accessories tied her outfit together and I think it’s wonderful that a woman over age 40 has confidence to wear a whimsical headpiece.

Luxembourg Wedding: The Princess of Hanover and Monaco

Royal Hats Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco arrived solo to this wedding- while seeing her alone often makes me sad, that sadness evaporated with awe at how great she looked. Of course, wearing Chanel couture helps (!!) but she looked chic, modern, elegant, sophisticated and beautiful. This beige pillbox hat might have looked bland but paired with this amazing dress, perfect hair, some great jewels and a princess who is clearly comfortable in her own skin, it’s a downright knockout.

Luxembourg Wedding: The British Royals

Royal Hats The British Royal Family was represented at this wedding by Prince Edward and The Countess of Wessex just as they have at other European royal events for the past decade (or more). Sophie was jaw-droppingly glamorous in an Emilia Wickstead printed dress (note the British equestrian print!) and an amazingly fabulous Jane Taylor “Lady A” asymmetrical black feathered hat. If it’s not obvious already, I positively LOVE this hat and think Sophie has never looked better.