Luxembourg Wedding: Dutch Royal Family

Royal HatsQueen Beatrix, Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Máxima represented the Dutch Royal Family at this event. Beatrix one of her usual large brimmed hats, in lilac (the entire outfit was worn at her niece Princess Maria Carolina’s wedding in June). I was a little harsh about the Belgian Royal Family all in monochrome outfits but Beatrix’s skirt, tunic, and large hat somehow work together. I could just do without the purple eye shadow.


While Beatrix may be predictable, Máxima certainly is NOT! The most fashionably bold of all the European Crown Princesses showed up not only dripping in diamonds but with the most amazingly over the top feathered cocktail hat complete with huge pheasant plumes. I don’t know that there’s any adequate commentary for this hat… except to say that one in a million could have carried it off. And carry it off she did!! I’m not sure if the gorgeous bell sleeves on her blouse is what made it all work (I think they balanced off the plumes) but somehow, it all worked.


2 thoughts on “Luxembourg Wedding: Dutch Royal Family

  1. So right about the purple eye shadow…
    Max rarely puts a foot or a feather wrong, however I could do without the bell shaped lower sleeves

  2. Queen Beatrice does look lovely. Maybe that shade is easy on the eyes. I don’t know exactly how Maxima pulled it off, but she did. It is not my favorite colors, but the colors even worked with Willem’s sash! She did keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple, except a brooch on her belt which looked great.

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