Luxembourg Wedding: The Grand Ducal Family

Royal Hats Mother of the groom Grand Duchess Maria Teresa beamed from the moment she arrived until the last fireworks lit up the sky- she was one PROUD Mama. I just wish I could be as excited about her coral Fabienne Delvigne toque headpiece and matching Natan dress. My heart goes out to her- Maria Teresa is not tall and willowy like many of the other royals and hats are often tricky on a shorter person. There was just something off about the proportion of her dress collar and her swept back hair and hat. I think this Grand Duchess is better flattered by a larger brim and her hair down.


Princess Tessy, on the other hand, had the proportions just right. I thought she looked STUNNING. Tessy, who is married to Henri and Maria Teresa’s third son Louis, carried off a large brimmed grey hat that perfectly complimented her unstructured asymetrical dress. Tessy has gained such poise and confidence since joining the royal family (with a slightly scandalous entry)  and I cheer loudly to see her looking so fabulous. Her hat was also designed by Belgian millinery designer Fabienne Delvigne.

UPDATE December 2012: with her recent engagement to Prince Felix (Guillaume’s younger brother), Claire Lademacher will soon be a member of this family as well. For this wedding, she wore a striped black and white headband with black veil over her face.  It’s too avant garde for my taste and I can’t figure out how the soft pink coat related to the stark and graphic headpiece (not to mention the futuristic and hair puff).

Claire Lademacher | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos from Getty as indicated and Laurent Blum via


One thought on “Luxembourg Wedding: The Grand Ducal Family

  1. Tessy’ s hat is amazing! I just wish it or at least her other accessories were in a different color. They could have really popped! Crime the top her hat looks kinda heart-shaped. I love that, too. I am glad Claire’s style has improved since this appearance. The Grand Duchess usually has very good taste in fashion, but this was not one of her best choices.

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