Luxembourg Wedding: The Swedish Royals

Royal Hats Queen Silvia, Prince Carl Philip, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel represented the Swedish Royal Family at this event. Queen Silvia wore a small purple cocktail hat with silk flowers and veil trim made by Swedish milliner Mode Rosa. It was a fantastic colour on her although I think I prefer her in full-sized hats, not mini ones.

Crown Princess Victoria wore a flowered, netted, voluminous cream and beige fascinator that I can only imagine would work at a wedding or a garden party. While I prefer Victoria in more colour, I really liked this dramatic hat (I suspect, made by Melinda Damgaard) on her.


One thought on “Luxembourg Wedding: The Swedish Royals

  1. I was so afraid Sylvia was going to be all shiny and I am so glad she wasn’t. I prefer color on Vickan also, but I think the texture on the bottom of her coat and her hat made the out fit work well.

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