Monaco National Holiday

Today is Monaco’s National Holiday. As part of the official celebration, the Monegasque Royal Family attended a mass in the Cathedral of Monaco. As an official event, all the royal ladies (except for Stephanie, who seems allergic to headgear) wore a hat.

Let’s start with the good, shall we? Princess Caroline of Hanover & Monaco was dressed in a new Chanel suit (as usual!) but repeated this bold fuchsia and black netted cocktail hat. The hat was last seen a decade ago (at the Monaco National Holiday celebrations in 2002) but does not look it’s age. I thought it was great.



Charlotte Casiraghi was glamorously chic in an understated black hat. While some may have looked too informal in such a hat, she looked amazing.


And now for the less than good- Princess Charlene topped a gorgeous navy coat dress with a black bumper hat trimmed in a swath of blue net veil.  The flat-as-a-pancake shape feels costumey to me, like a prop used long ago by a comedian after he sat on it.


2 thoughts on “Monaco National Holiday

  1. The Grimaldi women have always looked fabulous! Princess Caroline is always well dressed and so is her daughter Charlotte. Princess Stephanie has been quite consistent with her style as well.

  2. Albert sat on it!!! LOL!! The best hat today was Charlotte. It looked very nice with her hair, but the shape looked odd on her.

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