Pink and Beige

Queen Elizabeth and The Countess of Wessex, along with their husbands, attended a Sunday morning service at St. Mary Magdalene Church, near Sandringham where the Royal Family spends Christmas Holidays. We’ve seen the Queen’s hat before (in March 2011 in Warwickshire and at the start of Jubilee celebrations in March 2012 in Leicester with Kate) – it’s her standard hat shape in a signature bright colour. After a year of fantastic hat appearances, however, Sophie’s boring beige number (which looks like a Philip Treacy design and was first worn over 10 years ago at the Dutch Royal Wedding) leaves me quite flat.

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Big Day in Nancy

A wedding A “minor” royal wedding was celebrated today in Nancy, France when Archduke Christophe of Austria married Adelaide Drapé-Frisch. Christophe is the son of Archduke Carl Christian of Austria and Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria (née Princess of Luxembourg) – this makes him the grandson of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg and the nephew of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. As such, the Luxembourg royals were out again to celebrate a royal wedding!

Let’s start with the bride- Adelaide wore an antique lace Habsburg veil- a family piece rumoured to have been worn by Empress Eugénie for her wedding to Napoleon III in 1853 (and also previously worn by her sisters-in-law Marie-Christine and Kathleen on their wedding days). Adelaide anchored the veil with the Luxembourg Royal Family’s Small Diamond Floral Tiara. I thought the lace veil and floral tiara were a perfect compliment to her satin dress.

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Mother of the Groom Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria (née Princess of Luxembourg). I know this is a Christmas wedding but I somehow don’t see the connection between the dark fur hat and her beautiful powder blue suit. Powder = snow = need for a fur hat?! Somehow, this doesn’t work for me.

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Mother of the Bride Odile Drapé-Frisch looks fantastic, even with the random explosion of orange feathers. I actually admire a mother-of-the-bride who can pull of orange because I suspect very, very few women can.

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Sister of the Bride Eleanor Drapé-Frisch. The Drapé-Frisch family does not appear to shy away from colour! I’m just not sure this technicolour blue flying saucer is the best look for her. I think I might have liked it a lot better if her hair was back in a chignon.

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Sister of the Groom Countess Marie-Christine de Limburg-Stirum in fur. Is it me, or does this grey fur totally wash her out and clash with her beige fur cape?

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Sister-in-law of the Groom- Archduchess Kathleen of Austria. I suppose if you’re going to wear a fur hat, you might as well choose a big one. I know there is a lot going on here- bouncy hair, weird angled hat- but somehow, I kind of like it.

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Aunt of the Groom Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, who brought some sparkle to this celebration.

The Royal Hats BlogCousin-in-law of the groom, Princess Stéphanie of Luxembourg who looked happily radiant. I’m afraid I can’t say the same thing about the one-sided green earmuff she’s sporting.

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Cousin of the Groom Princess Alexandra in a grey cloche. I love that she brought a very French hat shape (a cloche) to this French wedding. Très chic!

The Royal Hats BlogCousin-in-law of the Groom Princess Tessy. I can’t decide if this is boring or twee. There’s also something funny going on with her hair and the perch of the hat.

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Future Cousin-in-law of the Groom Claire Lademacher (soon to be Princess Claire). Call me crazy but I think this combination of hat, chignon, biker coat and faux fur wrap is fabulous.

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Aunt of the Groom- Princess Sibilla. Sibilla oozes elegance and this beautiful red hat is no exception. It’s appropriately Christmassy without being too obvious. Perfect.

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British Royals on Christmas Day

The Ladies of British Royal Family had new (and not so new) hats on display this morning as the entire family attended church close to Sandringham. The Queen was GORGEOUS in this dark turquoise Rachel Trevor Morgan design. While I’m a little ho-hum on the flower applique, I love the upturned brim and the amazing shade of blue. So perfect.

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Camilla was resplendent in a repeated royal purple Philip Treacy. It’s a little feathery but she can certainly carry it well.

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Sophie went Nordic- as in Reindeer Antlers. This is the “Ofelia” hat by Jane Taylor. 

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Princess Anne’s off-the-face fur hat was a throwback to another era (60s? 70s?) and totally overshadowed by the beautiful burgundy Nerida Fraiman worn by Autumn Phillips.

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Zara Philips wore a beige 1940s inspired Karen Henriksen design.  I’m  not usually a fan of beige hats but this shape and style seems to suit her. I’m just not so sure about those bejewelled chopsticks.

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Princess Eugenie wore a plain black wool beret of unknown design. While it does seem a little unusually boring on this York Princess, I think she looks great.

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And last, but certainly not least, Princess Beatrice wore an interesting (in a good way, I think) “Thesus” hat by Rosie Olivia in black velour felt to compliment her amazing camel Dolce and Gabbana coat.

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Japanese Imperial Family Celebrates Emporer Akihito’s Birthday

The Imperial Family made a balcony appearance today at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo to greet the large crowd gathered to celebrate Emperor Akihito’s 79th birthday.  Crown Princess Masako and Princess Kiko stuck to their traditional small hats and wore a duo of pillboxes in royal blue and butter yellow to match their frocks. I can’t help wondering…do you think they get a group discount?!

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British Royals Attend Church at Sandringham

While the Queen was in bed with a cold, other members of the British Royal Family attended Sunday service at St. Mary Magdalene’s Church close to the Sandringham estate. The Countess of Wessex repeated the purple bejewelled cocktail hat she wore last month on her visit to Aldershot, while Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wore small and uncharacteristically nondescript hats in mustard and black. Rather boring, actually.

UPDATE: Princess Beatrice’s mustard yellow hat is trimmed with a blue feather and was designed by Rachel Black. She wore it again for Easter 2013 (see better photos of this hat here).

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The Queen Visits the Bank

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited the Bank of England today. The Queen wore a smart ivory wool hat with a tweed band and mauve knotted bow of unknown design. The crown seems a little too tall and I prefer Elizabeth in hats that contrast more with her hair color. I suppose that this one, with it’s saucy upturned brim, is all right.

Update: This hat was designed by the Queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly. 

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Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today at Oslo City Hall. As in years past, the Norwegian Royal Family attended the ceremony.

Queen Sonja and Princess Mette Marit, December 10, 2012 | The Royal Hats BlogCrown Princess Mette-Marit repeated the Mona Strand purple calot she wore last month for the Finnish State visit and I’m afraid, I’m still not a fan. There’s something about the way that it perches so far back on her head that doesn’t work for me.

Princess Mette Marit, December 10, 2012 in Mona Strand | The Royal Hats BlogQueen Sonja’s turban is all right (and a vast improvement from the last state event she hosted) but there’s something in how her hair looks with this hat that falls a little flat for me.

Queen Sonja, December 10, 2012 | The Royal Hats Blog

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