Birthday of Princess Marina of Naples

Royal HatsToday is the 78th birthday of Princess Marina of Naples (née Marina Ricolfi-Doria). Marina is one of the more colourful royals- she is a Swiss born world championship water-skier who was the star attraction at Cypress Gardens in Florida in the 1950s. She married Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Italy after an 11 year engagement (her father-in-law, the last king of Italy did not approve of the marriage) and set up a ritzy life in Switzerland. Their life has not been free from scandal (he’s been linked to fistfights at royal weddings, time in jail for corruption and manslaughter charges, to name a few) but they certainly are interesting. Case in point? The hat (and matching dress) Princess Marina wore to the wedding of Crown Prince Pavlos back in July 1995. I think she looks like a glamorous porcupine.

Princess Marina of Naples | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from The Royal Forums


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