British Royal Family Celebrates Easter

Members of the British Royal Family attended Easter Matins this morning at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The Queen wore a new hat in pale pink wool hat designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan. It was trimmed with multiple bands around the crown, a side looped bow and an ostrich poof that like a white koosh ball on the side.I like this hat very much… but I don’t love it for Easter. It just seems a little wintry and cold. I like my Easter hats springy and flowery.

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The Countess of Wessex wore a spectacular peacock feather trimmed straw beret designed by Jane Taylor (it looks very close to the Madeline seen here). We have seen Sophie in this hat twice before- first at Ascot in June 2011 with a black suit then a month later with a blue and white ensemble at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.  While both previous outings were successful, the pairing of this hat with this Roland Mouret electric blue suit is a knockout.

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Princess Beatrice wore the  mustard yellow rounded beret-shaped “Polly” design of milliner Rachel Black. It’s the same hat and coat she wore during Christmas holidays at Sandringham and while I did not like this hat the first time I saw it, it’s growing on me. I might end up liking this one.

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Princess Eugenie wore a new hat designed by Sara Cant. In blush pink, the beret base of this cocktail hat is trimmed in large folded petals (or leaves?). It’s difficult to tell what exactly the hat is made of- I originally thought patterned silk but others of you are guessing foil covered straw). No matter the material, I thought this hat was demure and sweet – and that’s nothing short of miraculous when it comes to the York sisters. Well done, you two.

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All in all, I thought it was a great hat day for the British Royal Family. Which one was your favourite?

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Who Wore it Best: Easter Edition Poll Results

The Royal Hats Blog

The Royal Hats Blog

The results are in from the second March 2013 Poll and the winner, with a landslide 50% share of the votes is:

Princess Mary  | The Royal Hats Blog

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in this understated Susanne Juul design. It seems that when it comes to the ultimate pink flowered royal Easter bonnet, less is definitely more.  

 Stay tuned later today for coverage of the British Royal family’s Easter hats and tomorrow, for the next poll. Thanks to everyone who voted and a Happy Easter to you all!

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The Queen and Prince Philip in Oxford for Maundy Thursday

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, attended a Maundy Thursday service today at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, England. As per tradition, the Queen distributed specially minted Maundy money to 87 women and 87 men- 87 pence (the Queen’s age) a piece. She wore a royal blue stovepipe hat with a large feather sweeping around the brim. The crown came to a point in front, making the hat uniquely teardrop-shaped. The designer is unconfirmed but it’s widely agreed to be Angela Kelly (it fits perfectly with Kelly’s penchant for fabric covered hats in unusual shapes). The color was great the Queen (who still looks a little pale) but I’m not sure about the teardrop shape. What do you think?

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Queen Beatrix Visits Breda

Dutch Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands visited the Dutch Defence Academy in Breda this morning. During her visit, she decorated the flag of the Royal Air Force with a campaign streamer in honor of their deployment to Kosovo in 1999. For this visit, Beatrix wore one of her signature brimless hats- this one in striking cherry red straw with a wide red velvet band and side loops. In the past, I was not a fan of these brimless hats but now, I find them rather endearing. That might be my soft spot for Queen Beatrix talking; I can’t help but like any headgear that shows off her sparkling eyes and bright smile.

Putting my bias and affection aside- don’t you think this a great color for her?  Please Queen Bea- scrap the black hats for this final month of your reign! You shine in bright colors!

What do you think of this hat?

Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Beatrix | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos by Albert Nieboer, Albert NieboerAlbert Nieboer and Albert Nieboer via Corbis

Swedish King and Prince in the Great Outdoors

Last Wednesday,  King Carl Gustaf of Sweden and his son, Prince Carl Philip, both made hat appearances at events in Sweden. King Carl Gustaf visited town of Landskrona, a city that celebrates its 600th anniversary this year. He wore a grey wool fedora for the visit- not a hat you’d expect on a King, but a hat that this King wears very well don’t you think?

King Carl Gustaf  | The Royal Hats Blog

Prince Carl Philip opened the Royal Palace Spring, a cross country ski word cup competition that takes place around the Royal Palace of Stockholm. This year, the tenth year the sprint was held, this race was part of the FIS World Cup Final for the 2012-13 season. For his opening speech, Carl Philip wore a nondescript navy ski hat. Paired with the down coat and scarf, I would ordinarily have no issue with this hat… but with his suit and tie showing under his coat, there’s something about this look that just doesn’t work for me! What do you think?

Prince Carl Philip | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos from Stefan Lindblom / Stella Pictures via The Swedish Royal Court and The Swedish Royal Court

Hat Glory: Queen Mary

A Remembering Queen Mary (in all her hat glory) on the 60th anniversary of her death today. She was the style setter of her era, and a fantastic wearer of hats throughout her life.

Queen Mary  | The Royal Hats Blog

This portrait was taken in 1902, a year after her father-in-law became King Edward VII. Here, Princess Mary wears a hat in a common mid-late Victorian shape with feathered plume and veil.

Queen Mary  | The Royal Hats Blog

In this undated portrait with King George V (sometime between 1911 and 1918), Queen Mary wears an enormous plumed hat that came into  high fashion during the Edwardian period. Thankfully, this hat does not appear to include an entire stuffed bird like many other hats at this time did!

Queen Mary  | The Royal Hats Blog

A portrait taken sometime in the 1940s. Hats returned to Victorian proportions in the 1930s and remained small until after WWII. In this portrait, Queen Mary added some dazzle to the side of her hat in this portrait with a diamond brooch. I adore her style approach- when in doubt, add more diamonds! This portrait also shows the incredible resemblance between Queen Mary and her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth. It’s quite an amazing legacy, in terms of both style and of family, that Queen Mary leaves us with today. Thank you, sweet Queen.

Photos from The Grand Ladies Blog (with special thanks!)