Hat From The Past

A Flashback One of my favourite royal photos of all time was taken ten years ago today. On April 15, 2003, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were just about to conduct a ceremonial review of The Queen’s Company Grenadier Guards when the Queen looked at Philip and burst into giggles. Something was funny to her that day, and the resulting photo is magic.

2003-04-15 Grenadier Guards reviewPhoto from AP via the London Telegraph


7 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. Friends, while the expression on this dear Queen is priceless and her joy palpable, I’m afraid I can not give such accolades to her millinery. I am distressed about the brim which looks as though a giant bite was taken from it. And the scarf around the crown competes with the hat, leaving an overall disjointed impression. Only 4/10 rating can be offered to this one.

    • Thank you, Nancy. In the midst of the many tragedies that happen every day around the world, it’s my hope that our conversation about hats does yield a smile or two.

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