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Royal Hats BlogHere are three hat updates for you, dearest readers, today. The silver metallic hat worn by the Countess of Wessex to the Order of the Garter Service back in June is  the ”Lulu” design from Jane Taylor’s brand new Autumn-Winter 2013 collection.

Countess of Wessex, June 17, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Countess of Wessex, June 17, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

The headpiece Sophie wore last Christmas is the Ofelia by Jane Taylor. It is described as a “handmade felt feather headband with Swarovski crystal detail” and is currently available for £590 on Jane Taylor’s online shop. 

Embed from Getty Images Jane Taylor Ofelia

The dramatic red hat with shredded brim worn by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to the Monaco enthronement in November 2005 is Fabienne Delvign’s “Hélène” design. It is currently available for sale at Love Hats for £630.00 

Princess Victoria, November 19, 2005 | The Royal Hats BlogFabienne Delvigne Helene

Photos from WPA Pool via Zimbio; Eamonn M. McCormack via Zimbio; Jane Taylor MillineryPool via Zimbio and Love Hats


19 thoughts on “Designer Updates

  1. Yes, I agree, the splendid red hat really needs to be worn with the brim asymetrical from the front view – much better as seen on the model. I rather like the brown headpiece – it’s much more interesting with the stylised feathers making the actual structure of it than are most fascinators / small hats / berets of a similar size.

  2. I’d love to see Victoria pull out this hat again. It would be interesting to see how she’d style it now!
    [PS – The enthronement in Monaco was in 2005, not 2011!]

  3. Can you tell me where and how these Royal Folks store their millinery? Do they have a closet for hats alone…like some women have to keep their shoes? I have never seen such beautifuld hats as on RoyalHats. Thanks much.

    • some of them* have so many hats that they probably need their huge castle’s entire attic for storing 🙂

      *queen elizabeth, queen/princess beatrix (NL, have to force myself to call her ‘princess’ again).

      i do hope sincerely that sophie of wessex will never ever wear those darkbrown dried offspings of seaweeds mated with elk antlers ever again! dr. frankenstein’s talent in the realm of millinery is rather limited.

  4. I like the red hat better on the model than on Princess Victoria, I’m sorry to say. The model has the upturned front part of the brim off to the side whereas Princes Victoria has hat part in the middle of her face. I think it looks much better off to the side. I think it also would look better if she wasn’t wearing a full red coat. A neutral color or a print with a little red would make the hat stand out and show it’s beauty. I didn’t realize how amazing it is until I saw this picture on the model!

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