Birthday of the Princess of Asturias

Royal Hats The Princess of Asturias (née Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano) celebrates her 41st birthday today. Of all the crown princesses in Europe, Letizia wears the fewest hats- not surprising as the Spanish royals are simply not a hat wearing bunch. They do however, have the most wonderful tradition of wearing mantillas. These lace or silk veils, worn over the head and shoulders, are often worn with a high comb called a peineta. The look is characteristically Spanish and Letizia wears it well. In honor of her birthday today, I thought it would be fun to look back at the mantilla and peineta she wore back in June 2004 for her first visit to the Vatican. It’s quite unlike most other royal headgear we see here but it’s very beautiful, isn’t it?

The Princess of Asturias, June 28, 2004 | The Royal Hats Blog The Princess of Asturias, June 28, 2004 | The Royal Hats Blog

The Princess of Asturias visiting the Vatican, June 28, 2004

Photos from Eric Vandeville and Eric Vandeville via Getty


5 thoughts on “Birthday of the Princess of Asturias

  1. I found this so interesting. I didn’t know about the comb part under the veil and always wondered how they got that shape. The lace is gorgeous.

  2. She is one very beautiful lady…and she looks great in just about everything. I really like the mantilla on her, her face is perfect for it.

  3. When I saw Happy Birthday in my email inbox for this blog I thought you were going to wish Prince Harry a Happy birthday! Little did I know it was Princess Letizia’s special day too! Love her mantilla here – I grew up waiting until I was old enough to wear a ‘real’ US variety one in the 50’s style when I grew up…before confirmation we only wore a little kid hat to church or a little mantilla that looks like a cocktail napkin on your head…and if some mom’s forgot they took a Kleenex out of their purse and put that on their daughter’s heads even!!! Oh what a delight it was when I was grown up enough to wear a full draping mantilla! Now you never see them in the re-done all casual US Catholic churches!

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