Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Launch Commmonwealth Baton Relay

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh took part in a ceremony this morning at Buckingham Palace to launch the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games baton relay (you can see video clips of the ceremony here and here).  The Queen wore a pale pink straw hat with a gently sloped crown, looped side bow and tulle wrap around the crown.  I think this might be a new hat- have any of you seen it before?

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty as indicated


14 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Launch Commmonwealth Baton Relay

    • I was going to say I thought this hat was cute until you mentioned those rainbow dots on the veil. I totally missed those and I’m not crazy about them.

  1. I noticed the Chanel style suit… very nice and the detail on her white gloves is exquisite. I agree that the color might be a bit too subtle for her.

  2. I don’t care for the style of this hat, something is off for me when I look at it. I do like the coat dress, it is stunning and looks very well made, the color is toooo bland on her, she needs bright colors, not this dull fading color whatever it is. QE looks fabulous in red, I have seen pictures of her in red and it brightens her up and makes her glow……….this is very dull and fading.

  3. I like the netting, but not the bow that appears to be coming untied. I wish she would wear more brims that are upturned as a lifting look against the downward pull that age does to us. I do not like the cockeyed crown. Somehow it seems that it’s just another same old, same old- downturn brim, slanted crown we’ve seen over and over again. Just in different colors and trims. Could we please have something original and attractive?

  4. I love the hat and the coat…I just do not like them together. I agree with Maryanne that the colors don’t quite match.

  5. I like the hat, I think. But goodness, doesn’t the coat change colour in different photos! The hat seems to go well in the first photo, not so well in the second, and to be really different in the third! I can see colour-matching a hat with a fabric that has so many subtle colours in it must be very difficult.

  6. I think I would like this one better with less net. It also seems that the color of the hat and coat don’t quite go together.

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