Swedish Royals Skiing in Italy

The Swedish Monarchy Facebook page released a photo today of Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle skiing in northern Italy. As with all things related to Princess Estelle, the photo was just too adorable not to post.

Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle, Dec. 30, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

The Swedish Royal Court also released news today that Crown Princess Victoria cracked her foot while skiing, poor dear. We wish her a speedy recovery in 2014!

Photo from Kungahuset Facebook page


Philips Family at Cottenham Races

Princess Anne and Zara Phillips looked to be enjoying the Cottenham point-to-point races in Cambridgeshire on Sunday. Princess Anne repeated a cap with duckbill brim in light tan fur.

Princess Anne, December 29, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 2, 2013

Zara cozied up in a grey knit ski hat (she is pictured below with her best friend, Dolly Maude).

Zara Phillips Tindall, December 29, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Zara Phillips Tindall, December 29, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Zara Phillips Tindall, December 29, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos from Splash News via The Daily Mail

Updates and Corrections

I have three items of interest for you, dear readers.

The Royal Hats BlogFirst up is a gentle reminder to share your thoughts about the biggest hat trend of 2013 today, before I tally up results for the last post of 2013 tomorrow. If you don’t have thoughts on this topic I encourage you to read the comments there because they are so interesting and wonderfully insightful.

Second, reader George A has graciously shared a personal photo of Queen Elizabeth in the (now infamous) fur hat she wore this Christmas, taken back in January 1997. You can see it along with some interesting discussion about this hat in the “Mystery of the Black Fur Hat” post. 

And finally… the lovely red beret Princess Anne wore to church yesterday was not a new hat, as I reported. I really should know better than to declare any of her hats to be new! I have updated the post with this information, including a video clip from Princess Eugenie’s christening in 1990 that shows Princess Anne wearing this hat. Thanks to readers Jelsta and George A for pointing this out.

Princess Anne, December 29, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Andrew Parsons/I-Images via The Daily Mail

Church Hats

Members of the British Royal Family attended church this morning at St. Mary Magdalene near their Sandringham Estate. The Queen chose a hat we have not seen in a number of years, this purple squared hat with small brim and spray of purple and pink feathers. This hat features a unique diagonally wrapped crown that you can see better in this photo  and this photo from February 2011. I have always liked this hat very much from a distance; from close up, however, the finer details (stitching, flowered fabric on the diagonal crown, spines of the feathers sticking out on the brim) seem a little sloppy.

Queen Elizabeth, December 29, 2013  | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unconfirmed. The shape and details look similar to some of Angela Kelly’s other work. 
Previously Worn: December 9, 2011; February 6, 2011; December 8, 2010; October 21, 2010; March 11, 2010; March 15, 2006

Princess Anne wore what I originally reported was a new hat…. I should know better by now! Our favourite hat recycler unearthed a lovely red wool beret was trimmed in a matching navy-edged feather. It is a different shape and style of hat than we have seen on Anne in recent years and I thought it was rather fun. While I have found proof of two previous outings for this hat, I suspect Princess Anne has worn it numerous times.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: December 23, 1990 (seen at 2:20 in the video below); April 3, 1988

The Countess of Wessex also looked fashionably fun in a jaunty navy trilby hat. The shape is quite a departure from other hats Sophie wore in 2013 and I welcomed the change. You’ve got to love the way she has experimented with her millinery this year- let’s hope this continues in 2014!

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. It’s a custom version of the “Chloe” hat”

Photos from James Whatling via Corbis and Getty as indicated

To Hat or Not To Hat

Do you ever wonder if Princess Beatrix or Queen Elizabeth ever want to take a hat break? These two royals wear a hat for nearly all of their daytime engagements and I wonder if they ever want to skip the millinery (not that I can ever imagine NOT choosing a hat when there is the possibility to wear one!). Queen Elizabeth’s great grand-daughter, Savannah Phillips, certainly wanted to dispense with her headwear on Christmas Eve while watching the Sandringham Estate annual football match. The photos were just too adorable not to include.

Savannah Phillips, December 24, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog   Savannah Phillips, December 24, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog Savannah Phillips, December 24, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos from Splash News via The Daily Mail

Hat Mystery: The Black Fur Hats

On Christmas Day, Queen Elizabeth wore this black fur hat.

Queen Elizabeth, December 25, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Several of you emailed to let me know it was not a new hat and that the Queen had worn it back in 2009 with a magenta coat.

Queen Elizabeth, February 3, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

The shape of these hats, however, looked very different to me. Some of you argued that it looked different because the Queen was wearing it higher on her head or that the fur had been brushed in a different direction.  It took a little bit of digging until I found the following photo (taken on Christmas Day 2002), confirming the two hats are indeed different.

Queen Elizabeth, December 25, 2002 | The Royal Hats Blog

This hat was obviously made to coordinate with the Queen’s magenta and black coat. I don’t know the designer of this hat but it’s previous outings include: February 3, 2009; December 11, 2008; October 19, 2006; February 20, 2004; December 25, 2002

That leaves the hat she wore on Christmas Day this year… which I believe is the same one she wore back in February 2005. These are the only two times I can find the Queen wearing this hat- if you know of any others, please share them with us!. On a side note- you’ll note that the jewelry worn on these two occasions is identical!

Queen Elizabeth, February 25, 2005 | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Elizabeth, December 25, 2002 | The Royal Hats Blog

Update: Reader George A graciously shared a photo he took in January 1997 at Sandringham. It does appear to be the same hat paired with a different coat. All three of these hats share a unique ‘peak’ in the center which makes me think they are the same hat.

Queen Elizabeth, January 1997 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos from Chris Jackson/Getty via Zimbio and Zimbio; Tim Graham via Getty; Anwar Hussein via Getty and offered personally from George A. 

200th Anniversary of Empress Go-Sakuramachi

On Tuesday, the Imperial Religious Ceremonies commemorating the 200th anniversary of the death of Empress Go-Sakuramachi  (1740-1813) were held both in Tokyo and Kyoto (the Empress was the last female monarch in Japan). Princess Akiko  attended the ceremony held at the mausoleum of the Empress in Kyoto. She wore a simple black pillbox hat that I thought was befitting the somber occasion. I think, however, I would have preferred it worn a little further back on her head.

Princess Akiko, December 24, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog    Princess Akiko, December 24, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from The Imperial Family Of Japan