New Colours For Welsh Guards

Queen Elizabeth after presented New Colours to the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards at Windsor Castle on Thursday. For the ceremony, she repeated her royal blue hat with silver braid trim. The flat crowned and flat brimmed hat is the exact same shape as the hat we revisited earlier this week and like many of you, I find it a little too harsh for Her Majesty. Shape issues aside, it is a lovely colour on her.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 16, 2014; July 4, 2013

The Queen was joined by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla repeated a large hat made of snakeskin printed straw. The large brim of the hat swept up over the crown and it was trimmed with a trio of long Lady Amherst pheasant feathers. While the hat has a lot going on, it was a great counterpoint to her sleek taupe coat and dress. You can see close-up photos of this hat when Camilla last wore it, over at this post


Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: November 14, 2012 

Photos from Getty as indicated


13 thoughts on “New Colours For Welsh Guards

  1. The Queen’s hat is too Spanish cowgirl for my taste, and the coat looks too big for her. The silver trimmings look too cheap Arts and Craft store home-made looking for my taste. Camilla’s hat and outfit win the day. This is a big, complex hat, and few people could pull this off, but somehow she has managed to do so.

  2. I like this hat. Queen Elizabeth has such variety in her hats and since many of them are curved, she probably likes a very flat one like this every once in a while. Using the same trim on her coat and hat really pulls the outfit together.

  3. The Queen’s hat looks too much like a cowboy hat to me. I don’t like the silver braid trim on the hat or on the coat. I don’t like collarless coats at the best of times, and this one looks most inelegant. I love the royal blue colour. The Duchess’s outfit is a bit drab. I like the hat shape, but there is a lot going on, so I guess that is why she kept the outfit very plain. I like the hat better from a distance, when the feathers are not so pronounced. I do like this basic hat shape on the Duchess.

  4. Camilla wins this one for me. This is a great version of her dustbin lid sized hats, and the feathers give it a bit of fun. I’m just bored by this hat shape on HM frankly… But she’s clealrly a fan, so guess will just have to suck it up!

  5. Hi Hatqueen, while not entirely related to this post, could I please ask what is the difference between the halo style favoured by Queen Mother, “Breton” upturned brim and the style chose for Lord Linley wedding by Elizabeth II?

  6. Yes, not my favourite style on the Queen, and while I like the colour, the embroidered trim just looks too – imprecise, I guess – for me; doesn’t add anything to either the coat or the hat. On the other hand, I love Camilla’s hat – I don’t mind the mixture of animal motifs at all!

  7. I realize that this is an unpopular style with most people, but I think the harsh shape of the hat is perfect with the “harsh” vertical trim in the coat and the “harsh double trim on the hat. Although RTM’s graceful hats with curved brims are more attractive when viewed in a close-up, today’s hat is a colorful, appropriately styled, no-nonsense complement to yet another bright blue outfit. Her majesty must love this style or find them unusually comfortable since there have been so many of them in recent years! Although I happen to like this style, I also like variety.

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