Swedish Royals Visit Gotland

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited the island of Gotland yesterday. For this visit, which included stops at a nature reserve, a refugee support program, military training ground, a furniture company and a meeting about youth entrepreneurship, Princess Victoria was chose a white trouser suit and coordinating fedora hat. The hat, in white straw, was simply trimmed with a navy and white striped band at the past of the crown. We don’t see Victoria in many fedora hats but this one was island chic at its best.

Crown Princess Victoria, May 27, 2015 in Borsalino | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Victoria, May 27, 2015 in Borsalino | Royal Hats Crown Princess Victoria, May 27, 2015 in Borsalino | Royal Hats Crown Princess Victoria, May 27, 2015 in Borsalino | Royal Hats

Designer: Borsalino.
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Photos from David Sica via Expressen


25 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Visit Gotland

  1. Oh my, wow! I agree with the comments of gorgeous. The dramatic, movie-star photo of Crown Princess Victoria at the top is mesmerizing. It is completely hang-on-the-wall, frame-worthy. I hope she does!

    Love this stylish-angled white fedora with crisp blue band and thin white stripes all against the azure blue of the sea. I think the fit of her pants is perfect for a more relaxed beach scene. She did a great job of blending formal (hat, jacket) and informal (pants, shoes) in this outfit.

    I also enjoyed the video, HatQueen, to hear her voice. Thanks for including it.

  2. HatQueen said it, this is island chic at its best! Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel both looked elegant. Her white trouser suit and coordinating fedora hat were a match made in Hat Heaven. I liked that the fedora was made out of straw, which gave it a springtime lightness, and the simple trim of a navy and white striped band on the crown, added just the right touch of detail, because over-trimmed fedoras always looks wrong. Her chignon was perfect for the hat and outfit.

  3. I find her hairstyle too severe for this outing, but otherwise I really like this and applaud her for going with an all-white outfit (which wouldn’t be able to remain clean if I was wearing it; something always is attracted to my light clothing, no matter how hard I try!).

    • Yeah, those pants could fit better, but points for having the guts to go all white. I could never. Love the hat.

  4. White is great. Love fedoras but the brim seems too wide in some of the pictures. Also I was surprised the pants were capris ….with that hat slacks or skirt would have been a bit nicer.

    • Sorry looked again…perhaps the pants are longer than capris..they are too tight on the legs…true slacks would have looked nicer. That would have made the hat perfect.

    • The fedora with cropped pants is so fantastic! I’m sorry but “true slacks” would have ruined this look. It’s super stylish and on trend just as it is. LOVE!

  5. Love the white, love the hat, Victoria looks terrific . . . so why is poor old Daniel stuck in his blue suit and tie straightjacket? Ohh, wrong, looks like they let him wear grey today . . . but the tie is blue 😉

    • I agree. I suppose they want poor Daniel to stay in the background, but by not adapting his wardrobe to specific and different situations, they occasionally make him stand out. The Crown Princess looks fantastic.

  6. I like this look a lot. It is so crisp, elegant, casual, and fun at the same time. I love fedoras, and Princess Victoria looks really good in this hat. It works very well with her hair style too. I do wish some other Royal,ladies would follow her lead in regards to hair. It looks so much better and appropriate than hair that is always down and in the way, which can.sometimes look too casual.

    • I agree with you jamiemid. There are not many hat styles that look good with a pantsuit, as HatQueen has said before, but this fedora is one of them. I love a good fedora, and this is the type I like and that i would want for myself.

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