Queen Elizabeth Visits Lancaster

Queen Elizabeth travelled by train to Lancaster today where she visited Lancaster Castle, Lodge Livery Yard and caught a performance of Shakespeare’s Richard III. For this busy programme,  she wore a vivid turquoise straw hat with squared crown and upturned brim. The hat was trimmed with arrow trimmed white feathers, curled turquoise feather spines and the brim was bound in a wide strip of the same fabric as the Queen’s coat.  The colour is so handsome on Her Majesty and the shape of the crown (a slightly fluted square with a gently domed top) lends considerable style punch to a small-footprint piece. I would prefer the hat without the wide fabric binding on the brim but since it brings the hat and coat  together in a cohesive ensemble, I’ll give it a pass.

10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Lancaster

  1. Overall, I like the hat. I like the bold colour and I like the shape. The band of coat trim is unnecessary. The hat already matches the buttons and the blue in the tweed. Miss Kelly often goes overboard with the matchy-matchy in my opinion.

  2. I am with you HatQueen, I would prefer the hat without the wide fabric binding on the brim. I think the fabric, plus the feathers, is just too much trim. I have never liked these Angela Kelly collarless, shapeless coats. The colour is good on the Queen though.

  3. For me, the summery colours of hat and coat don’t work with the black gloves, shoes and handbag. As shoes and handbag are always black, at least the gloves I would have preferred to be white.

  4. I’ve always thought that this was a standard Angela Kelly design, typical rolled brim hat as JamesB pointed out. I like the whole outfit, including the wide fabric binding on the hat. (A aerial view I saw somewhere shows a second fabric binding where the crown meets the brim.) I wouldn’t mind seeing a new hat or two sometime, though!

  5. Are you sure this is a Rachel Trevor am Morgan? It’s listed in your hat design feature on square crown rolled brim as an Angela Kelly, and the trimming of the feathers is classic Kelly!

    I’ve never been a crazy fan of the toothpastey colour scheme on this one, but it’s become an oft worn favourite so the Queen certainly likes it!

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