It’s Almost Here…

One week of amazing royal hats spent with three royal milliners who will join our conversation.

Are you a ready? The fun starts just two weeks from today.


9 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here…

  1. So looking forward to this every year and some year I hope to be there and take dozens of pictures of all the hats and maybe bring some home with me………..and I hope HM wears pink or red this year as they look so good on her.

  2. I am so excited about Ascot and I hope we see some new hats. Thank you HatQueen for organizing some interviews with Royal milliners. They are always so interesting.

  3. What a great video!! I can’t wait! Hurray for Ascot and thank you Hat Queen for all the joy that you bring us!!! 👑👑👑👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼

  4. Does Elizabeth II ever wear new hats for Ascot? Furthermore, Princess Anne regularly recycles outfits at least year at Ascot, chose an outfit worn for the 1988 event :

    She still looks the same.

    I’m wondering if this year, she will pull out another outfit worn at Ascot 20 years ago, such as these:

    Hat for Zara’s Christening worn at Ascot 1988

    Another red suit from the late 80’s

    A floral outfit from same era

    A cream two piece and picture hat from 1989, later worn at Sarah Armstrong Jones wedding.

    A blue and lilac tiered skirt and picture hat form 1989 again.

    A navy and cream suit and beret from 1990 (I think?)

    An interesting blue pillbox hat and dress from 1987,

    Overall, some great millinery diversity here! What’s your opinions?

    • Princess Anne all too regularly recycles outfits and hats to my way of thinking. I do like that she has a diverse range of styles. The problem is that most of them look dated when worn again. I hope she will wear something new and more adventurous this year. I think she looks best in brimmed hats.

    • Thank you for the pictures of Princess Anne. There were several pieces that would really nice if blended with today’s fashions.

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