Queen Reviews Her Body Guards

Queen Elizabeth reviewed The Queen’s Body Guard members of the Yeomen of the Guard yesterday in the garden of Buckingham Palace. The group must be near and dear to her (as one’s body guards ought to be!) as she used the occasion to show us a new hat. The bucket shape, known formally as a ‘peach basket’ design, looked to be made of pale blue straw and wrapped, bandage style, with matching blue organdie ribbon.

This piece is a style departure for her- while I love its bravery, I’m not convinced that the shape flatters Her Majesty. It is, however, lovely to see her in a suit instead of a coat and this suit is a beaut.

Designer: I suspect Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
What do you think of this new hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

26 thoughts on “Queen Reviews Her Body Guards

  1. I don’t think this hat shape is suitable for Queen Elizabeth. I have seen this shape work on others, but only when it has been better executed than this case. The fabric wrapped around it bandage style doesn’t help matters either. It just looks sloppy, like a home-made hat. The suit looks smart and this shade of blue is well suited to the Queen. Princess Richard of Gloucester wore a more successful type of bucket hat. Here’s a link.

  2. I like the shade of blue worn by the Queen. The suit is elegant, but I am not a fan of collarless jackets and coats. I just think they look unfinished. I don’t like this bucket hat covered in bandages. I am also getting bored with that pair of aquamarine clips, which she wears so much, despite having a vast brooch collection. I wish she would bring out some brooches we haven’t seen for a while.

  3. Thanks everyone for the informative comments.

    I like the style and colour of the blue hat and I do enjoying seeing Her Maj in something other than a plain coat with a print dress underneath. The detail panel down the front and on the cuffs just dresses it right up – as do the aquamarine clips!

    • Please let me loose in their with you rgardner532. I want to hunt around in that jewel vault and find some of those rarely worn jewels.

  4. I really like the hat! I am getting tired of the hats the Queen has been wearing. They are all the same with just a slight variation from one to the other. This one is completely different and I quite like the difference. It looks splendid on Her Majesty. The color is nice too.

  5. I like it a lot; great color SUIT and nice departure in style.
    Isn’t the first picture wonderful, showing the guard trading quips with Prince Philip?
    HatQueen, the past several weeks have been just fantastic summer reading, and the photos have been beautiful.
    Ascot week, Scotland week, the queen never stops!
    Thanks so much!

  6. I quite like it! It is a departure from her usual hat shape in recent years, but it suits her. At least (with the bandage drape) there is no donut hole!

  7. This hat (or something very similar, may have been slightly altered) is pictured in Angela Kelly’s book, in a group picture of various hats. Also shown is a hand-drawn design of the suit. So I’m sure it’s AK’s work. While the suit was worn once, I believe (in May 2012, when all the European royalty met at Buckingham to congratulate the Queen on her jubilee), this is the hat’s first wearing. As you said, it’s not a particularly attractive style of hat, but the suit is beautiful, and having the shorter jacket is wonderful!

      • And yes- you can see it just behind the fuchsia hat in this photo from Angela Kelly’s book. Great job spotting this, Snug Harbour!

        There are a few pieces shown in Angela Kelly’s book that we have yet to see. I don’t think we’ve seen the yellow hat held by the dressing assistant above, nor have we seen the peach hat below with the cream lattice woven straw brim.

      • While I don’t recall ever seeing the peach and cream lattice hat with any outfit, I believe the yellow was worn in Oman

        The yellow dress itself was debuted in Canada in 2010, I believe, with a gold jacket.

    • I too am very much on board with the pale blue suit with shorter jacket. Very nice. Regarding the picture from Ms Kelly’s book, is anyone able to share as to whether the blue and brown hat with the 4 vertical brown buttons on the extreme right and/or the green and black hat Ms Kelly is holding, have ever seen the light of day?? Thank you. I really like the pale yellow hat.

  8. I’m on board. It’s a departure and I think it does flatter her. The suit is a repeat from the jubilee celebrations so it’s got a dusting off and a matchin hat to give it a new lease!

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