Birthday of Princess Anne

Royal HatsPrincess Anne, the Princess Royal, celebrates her 65th birthday today. Suggesting a hat for her to repeat this year is a tricky task, as the pieces in her millinery wardrobe are each worn many, many times (usually through several decades). There is, however, one piece we haven’t seen in a while that I would love to see trotted out again. Princess Anne wears petite hats so well and this one, in cream straw, has the loveliest upturned ruffle at the back. Despite its age (20+ years), I think it reads as a classic piece that looks great on the princess.

As we send our best wishes to Princess Anne today, what hat would you like to see her repeat in the coming year?

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21 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Anne

  1. Anne actually looks pretty in her hats…21 or 65, all she needs do is smile and she looks so much more attractive! I love the latest pix of her in her “old” hat…her smile is beautiful…obviously she is happy with her life!

  2. Looking back, some of her hats are real classics. And here I was thinking she only had funny looking ones. I was so wrong! I’d like to see more of both of these!

    • The first one (cheering at the races) is rather good. Simplicity is the key I think with The Princess Royal because often the clothes she chooses can look very busy. Thanks.

  3. You know maybe some of the royals are not hat people or even fashion inspired . Princess Anne’s actual service and work is likely more important to her. I do not have a hat to recommend…just thinking.

  4. Honestly, I think she needs a hat makeover. Her winter faux furs are so awful and I wish she’d replace them with some simple and timeless felt hats from Dillon Wallwork.

  5. A reminder everyone- on her birthday of all days, let’s not debate Princess Anne’s style and clothing choices. The question remains- what hat, if any, do you wish her to repeat in the coming year. If there’s not one you want to suggest, then what style of NEW hat would you like her to try?

    • I want to see this one trotted out at one of the Gatcombe horse trials because it’s just so cheeky and fun!
      Embed from Getty Images

  6. Embed from Getty Images

    Would this hat still be suitable nowadays ?

  7. For a 21st birthday photograph Princess Anne wore a pink boater with long ribbons at the back. Without the ribbon trim I think that hat, or one in a similar shape, would still look great.
    She rocks a uniform too – go Princess Royal!

  8. She definitely has her father’s rather abrasive personality. I agree that it would be nice to have a more current and flattering hair style, clothes that aren’t older than her children, and to trot out some of her stunning collection of jewellery from time to time. I think she is, on the other hand, living the life her mother would have led, had history not got in the way. Her Majesty really only wanted to be a country lady with lots of dogs and horses. Anne gets to do this.

  9. I adore this shaped hat on The Princess Royal. But the rest of her ensemble is SO old! What really gets my ‘knickers in a twist’ is that her Mother dresses and looks better than she does! I don’t know what she is trying to prove – even big occasions don’t push her to call her dressmaker! Everything about her look is old and tired. She should get her hair cut, too! She does have some beautiful jewellery in her vault – why doesn’t she wear it? I know I am going to cop heaps by saying this, but I feel she IS the daughter of The Queen and she is letting The Queen down. The other thing that really gets me about her is that any excuse and she’s in a uniform! I used to really love this woman but the last few years she has lost me.

    • Yes, I agree. A little advanced planning and something very classic would suit her. Of course she is not a fascinator girl not could she pull off a big hat like Camilla but surely she could find her own style. She just doesn’t seem to care. When someone mentioned Prince George’s birth she replied that it had nothing to do with her. If the continuation of the monarchy and the birth of a future King mean nothing to her, why should the British people care about the future of the monarchy?

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