Who Wore It Best: August 2015 Poll Results

A WWI Best Judging from your comments, this month’s poll was a much closer race than many others. However, in our face-off between two Rachel Trevor Morgan bowed and feathered percher saucer hats in grey starburst patterned straw, one winner emerged:

The Duchess of Cambridge at The Order of the Garter Service, June 13, 2011

The winning factor in this poll seemed to be the combination of the hat with the outfit it was paired with, further proving that while we all remain great fans of royal hats, they do not entirely stand alone. Stay tuned later this week for our next poll!
Photos from Getty as indicated

2 thoughts on “Who Wore It Best: August 2015 Poll Results

  1. Many thanks HatQueen for these fun polls. I voted for the Countess myself, but it was close. I think hair style and colour, make-up, jewels, clothes and accessories, and even placement on the head, can sometimes make a big difference to how a similar or even identical hat looks on different people.

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