This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth opened the new barracks of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in a repeated pink straw hat with multi-coloured dotted net trim (Express)

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark was spotted hat shopping in Milan last week (The Daily Mail)

Princess Yoko of Mikasa was in Wakayama this weekend to watch part of the National Sports Festival (Imperial Family of Japan)

For those of you still wondering how percher hats manage to stay on royal heads, this interesting photo of a Philip Treacy design might shed some more light. The narrow cream strip at the front is a forehead rest.

Royal Hats

Prince Harry continued on his 1,000 mile trek in support of Walking with The Wounded near Ludlow this week (Shropshire Star)

Vintage gift tags from under the British Royal Christmas tree went up for sale at a London auction house (Daily Mail)


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Thanks for the Royal round-up HatQueen! Queen Elizabeth’s hat is lovely, and the soft pink color suits her well, but I must agree with Jimbo, regarding the multi-colored dotted netting, it’s a bit too much! Crown Princess Mary looked smart in that beige fedora. I would like to see her out and about in some more fedoras. They are one of my favorite hat shapes. Princess Yoko of Mikasa’s hats were simple and classic, and her suits were elegant. Thanks for the link to the underside of the Philip Treacy hat. I am always amazed by the tricks milliners use to get hats to stay in place! Prince Harry has done a great job in raising funds for wounded soldiers, as well as all his other charity work. I got a laugh out of the Royal gift tags! Queen Elizabeth signing off as Lilibet was a cute touch. My favorite was Prince Charles’s note to Princess Alexandra and Sir Angus Ogilvy: ‘Alexandra + Angus With all love for a very happy, inebriated Christmas from Charles.’ I’ll borrow that line for some of my festive gift tags this year!

  2. In my own opinion, i find it interesting that the netting on Queen Elizabeth’s hat detracts from the whole look (I think the netting adds clutter), where the previous blog highlighting Princess Beatrix features a hat beautifully enhanced by the netting. Also, Queen Elizabeth is dressed in a very spring-time color and material, for early October. She still looks MAH-velous.

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