Catching Up On Two Imperial Hats

Late last week, Princess Nobuko of Mikasa was in Wakayama  to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the city’s Red Cross Society branch. The princess, who is Honorary Vice President of the Japanese Red Cross, wore a in a smart navy boater hat trimmed with a fan bow at the side for the event. It is a simple hat that was greatly elevated by the stylishly jaunty angle that Nobuko placed it on her head.

Princess Nobuko, November 5, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 28, 2015

On Sunday, Princess Mako of Akishino fulfilled her duty as Honorary President of Japan Tennis Association by attending  the National Tennis Championships in Tokyo. For this, she wore a chocolate brown bowler hat which looked to be trimmed with a slim bow at the back. This simple hat is less successful in my mind, perhaps because it’s a shape regularly favoured by Mako’s mother Princess Kiko. I’d love to see her in more youthfully styled millinery.

Princess Mako, November 8, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Mako, November 8, 2015 | Royal HatsDesigner: unknown
Previously Worn: November 29, 2013

Photos from WBC and Yomiuri


6 thoughts on “Catching Up On Two Imperial Hats

  1. Princess Nobuko of Mikasa’s navy boater hat trimmed with a fan bow was a simple, classic hat that was just right for this event. I agree with HatQueen that the success of this hat is largely due to the jaunty angle that she placed it at on her head. Her matching suit looked elegant also. Princess Mako of Akishino’s hat is a drab colour for such a young lady, and looks a bit like a schoolgirl’s hat. There is a lot of crown relative to the brim, which makes it unflattering. The suit is too matronly for such a beautiful young woman.

  2. Princess Nobuko looks great, and yes, a jaunty angle can make a world of difference! I like to wear my fedoras at an angle to stand out a little more. I don’t think brown is a very flattering color for Princess Mako, or at least this much brown. The hat shape is fine, but pretty not outstanding.

  3. Actually, I think Mako’s hat is entirely too youthful, in that it is so like the hats that are part of many girls’ school uniforms in Japan! (Although not usually in brown.) When they are so plain, that’s all I can see (I don’t like them on Princess Kiko either). It’s a shape that can be made a bit more grown-up by texture, ribbons or other variations, but an ordinary version like this? No.

  4. I love the entire navy ensemble, (navy is my favorite color!) but the brown one is rather dark and dull on such a beautiful young princess. It is too close in hue to her brown hair. The sassy shape is very agreeable on her, though.

  5. Nobuku looks AMAZING! I love the color and the shape on her!

    Mako is less successful. She looks nice, but this is not a good hat for her.

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