Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Australia

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall wrapped up the New Zealand leg of their tour (sadly, without any other hats) and moved on to Australia on Sunday. Yesterday, the couple commemorated Remembrance Day by laying a wreath at the Australian War Memorial. For the occasion, Camilla surprised by repeating a long forgotten black straw hat with square crown.

In addition to the wonderful white stripes woven around the brim, the hat is trimmed with a slim white silk band and bow around the base of the crown and a spiralled feather spine. It`s a wonderfully balanced piece not just of contrasting colour but of shape- I adore how the squared crown plays against the gently curving brim. After a conversation here last week about Camilla`s hats sometimes overpowering her, it bears pointing out that the proportion of this piece is perfect.
While this hat is a decade old, its classic colour scheme and elegant shape helps it transcend time. After fearing its retirement, I was so happy to see it again today and can`t wait to hear your thoughts about it!
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11 thoughts on “Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Australia

  1. I really like this hat and it is still as fashionable now as ten years ago, and I agree with HatQueen, it is a good thing it didn’t go into retirement. I agree with HatQueen and others who have mentioned how lovely the white stripes around the brim look, and how they give a lightness to an otherwise sombre hat. The trim is just the right amount. The proportions are great.

  2. Love this hat, especially the white stripes around the brim; they give the hat a nice lightness. We haven’t had a lot of coverage of the royal couple over here in Oz and the weather on the day was terrible. Lots of views of umbrellas and overcoats!!

  3. I think Camilla can really carry off big hats, I don’t find them overwhelming on her, and I love the fact that she wears them, as so few people can do it with aplomb. Having said that, I think this is a very handsome hat indeed. My only quibble, as someone else comments, is that I think in terms of its own proportions the crown could do with being a centimetre lower.

  4. This hat is a winner! Great proportions, restrained embellishments, black and white classic. I do love her in the big hats, and I think she is one of the few royals who can pull off some of those whoppers, but this hat wins today! As JamesB said, variety is good.

  5. This is such a lovely look for the Duchess that I wonder why she prefers her punchbowls. Hope we see more of this elegant creation.

  6. I thought i would be in the minority on this one, but I find myself in agreement with all these previous comments. The size of this black/white hat is MUCH better suited than the enormous “look at me, my hat is bigger than yours” cream colored ones, IMO. Also, the addition of the bit of white adds a glimmer of hope to the solemn occasion. Remembrance Day on Sunday was TOO somber and funereal, with all that black, but WOW how the poppies “pop” out against the black backgrounds. HQ, this blog is betting better and better all the time. Thank you, so much.

  7. Those white stripes woven around the brim are fantastic. Although I like her huge hats, think this hat, while large, makes a nice contrast. Well done!

  8. Camilla looks absolutely stunning in that second photo! A great hat with great details, and I love the angle of the brim. My only tiny, tiny, tiny, minor complaint is I think the crown is about 1 inch/3 cm. too high.

  9. I think this shape and size is much more flattering to Camilla. Some of her enormous hats overpower and overwhelm her. I also like her in darker colours given her very pale colouring, so I call this a most successful look.

  10. A beautifully proportioned hat. Since I have only been paying attention to hats for the past year or so, this was my first time registering with this one. Perfect!

  11. You’re right it is a lovely titfer isn’t it. I’m surprised it’s been in the closet so long actually. Much as I like acamilla’s dustbin-lid sized hats, variety is good and it’s nice to see this old favourite again.

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