Queen Máxima Opens Medical Research Facility

Queen Máxima was in Nijmegen today to officially open three state of the art operation rooms in the Medical Innovation and Technology Expert Center (MITEC) of Radbout University. She used the occasion to début a new fuzzy brown calot hat.

Queen Máxima, November 12, 2015 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats Queen Máxima, November 12, 2015 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

In theory, the mix of brown accessories with Máxima’s pink dress is a great success. In reality, however, this hat looks looks more like a well worn thrift shop find than the couture millinery it actually is. While the calot shape is a great one for Máxima (especially at such less formal engagements), I think the material used for this hat is all sorts of wrong.

Queen Máxima, November 12, 2015 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from Patrick van Katwijk/dpa/CorbisPatrick van Katwijk/dpa/Corbis and Patrick van Katwijk/dpa/Corbis



21 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Medical Research Facility

  1. Queen Máxima must have split a coconut in half and turned it upside down on her head! This hat is hideous in texture and colour and looks wintery, so all wrong with this spring or summer dress. I like the pink colour of the dress on her, and the gathering at the neckline is flattering to her.

  2. Two things.
    1. I think the hat asks for a different hairstyle.
    2. The hat looks fit for mid-winter while the dress looks fit for early spring or autumn. They go together in colour, but most definitely not in season.

  3. Sorry, but I can’t even BEGIN to wrap my head around this one! (drum roll!)
    The one redeeming quality of this hat – it doesn’t hide her most beautiful smile.

  4. I love this! It’s not a shape we’re used to, specially with the hair completely tucked in looking like a pixie, but this is why I follow the blog! I only falter on the color/shade of the fur, if the white fuzz weren’t there it would look less thrift shop. I would love to see it in a darker version and with a substantial winter coat, yum!

  5. I”m totally on the fence about the hat. On the one hand, the texture/material is strange, on the other hand, I like it a little anyway. It’s unconventional so not boring, I guess. She looks very nice overall.

  6. Well, it seems I’m a bit of a loner here, but after really looking at it, I think this whole ensemble is spot on. Queen Maxima is so pretty, and the colors here are flattering on her. The hat…without the right color and style of the shoes (which are just right) and the belt (which is just right) and jewelry (the earrings are just enough), one would not see all those colors combined in the hat. The style of the hat is perfect with the dress; the material is edgy and interesting and softly highlights the color of it all. I think only this Queen could “pull this off!”

  7. Ugh, a most definite vote “NO” on this hat! In the first photo it looks like she chopped off all her hair into a pixie cut (perish the thought!), and it’s just not flattering in any of the other photos. The rest of her outfit is quite lovely and I understand the color coordination, but I think some sort of brimmed hat would’ve been much better. In my opinion, either this fedora (https://royalhats.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/day-2-of-dutch-state-visit-to-denmark/) or this wider brimmed hat (http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/princess-maxima-of-the-netherlands-smiles-upon-her-arrival-news-photo/112047187) would’ve been much better choices.

  8. Nope, I like it; it’s edgy & it’s definitely pushing buttons here. Belgian & Dutch design is not known for being staid & commonplace.

  9. Oh dear. I love Queen Maxima all the time, but this hat is not the best look for her. At first I thought it was a half coconut! And, while I still think she looks lovely, I hope she retires this hat at once.

    • My thoughts exactly! I get that the texture “ought” to be allowed to speak for itself, but perhaps some embellishment would prevent its being mistaken for produce. I also think a slightly less rounded shape would suit Max better.

  10. “All sorts of wrong” might be an understatement. The dress looks lovely; the hat resembles an overgrown earmuff. Not only is the calot’s material creepy, but the color seems a miss for the dress. Queen Máxima might consider attaching a stick to this hat and then using it as a floor mop.

  11. The texture of this hat is kind of creepy. I am sure she has pink hats or beige hats that would have been a better match for the cute dress. My cousin was at the event and said she changed into flats at some point and left early. Perhaps Maxima hasn’t fully recovered yet – if that is the case I hope she feels better soon.

  12. I agree; the hat would have been more attractive and more successful in a different fabric. Other than the hat, the outfit is a success. Even with the funky hat though, she looks lovely.

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