Princess Anne Opens Namesake Racing Stands

Princess Anne was at the Cheltenham Racecourse today to open a new stand named in her honour. For this event, she wore her tall faux fur hat. I’m not usually a fan of Anne’s fur/faux fur hats but paired with her red blouse and militaristic-style coat, this one added a surprisingly regal note to the ensemble.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: March 9, 2014February 14, 2014; December 25, 2013 and likely others. It’s difficult to tell all of Anne’s fur hats apart.
Photos from Getty as indicated

3 thoughts on “Princess Anne Opens Namesake Racing Stands

  1. HatQueen would this be categorised as a Pashtun cap? It is an interesting shape, though I am not a fan of fur or faux fur hats in general. I think this hat works quite well with the rest of her outfit.

  2. I’ve always wondered if any of Anne’s fur hats are made of real fur? Many folks stopped wearing real fur in the states here by the mid 70s – but I know that didn’t become as much of a politically correct thing to do in Europe until the 80s – and certainly some of Anne’s hats date back 30 years.

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