Monaco Royal Couple Visit Vatican

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco had an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican yesterday. Princess Charlene exercised her privilège du blanc, wearing a sleek cream coat topped with a white lace veil.


8 thoughts on “Monaco Royal Couple Visit Vatican

  1. For those wondering how she keeps the veil on her head – there is probably a small clear comb sewn onto the underside of the veil and then placed in her hair.

  2. Princess Charlene looks lovely in this white mantilla. I can’t see any bobby pins so I don’t know how it stays on.

  3. Princess Charlene of Monaco looks beautiful. I think her look could have been improved even more if her coat had also been white instead of cream.

  4. One could nit-pick that the cream of the coat does not play well with the white of the veil. The veil she used for her first appearance after having been granted the privilège du bland was more off-white. But her make-up is glorious and she looks fantastic.

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