Inventory: Queen Elizabeth’s Blue Hats Part 4

We have come to the fourth and final post in our inventory of Queen Elizabeth’s blue hats! Keeping our focus on hats worn during the past six years, we turn our attention today to the largest group, Her Majesty’s pale blue hats. Here they are, roughly in the order each was introduced into her public wardrobe:

1A. Queen Elizabeth, June 6, 2003 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats1B.Queen Elizabeth, June 6, 2003 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats  2.Queen Elizabeth, September 28, 2014 in Philip Somerville | Royal Hats

Designer: both are Philip Somerville
Introduced: June 20, 2003 (renovated and reintroduced June 11, 2005); July 2, 2004

3. Queen Elizabeth, June 10, 2014 in Philip Somerville | Royal Hats  4.Queen Elizabeth, July 15, 2011 | Royal Hats  5.Queen Elizabeth, May 20, 2010 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer: Philip Somerville; unknown; Rachel Trevor Morgan
Introduced: November 26, 2005; June 23, 2006; October 19, 2006

6. Queen Elizabeth, April 24, 2011 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats 7A.Queen Elizabeth, April 12, 2009 in Rachel Trevor Morgan| Royal Hats  7B.Queen Elizabeth, December 2, 2009 in Rachel Trevor Morgan| Royal Hats

Designer: both are Rachel Trevor Morgan
Introduced: May 16, 2008; March 9, 2009 (renovated and reintroduced December 2, 2009)

8.Queen Elizabeth, May 19, 2011 in Philip Somerville | Royal Hats  9.Queen Elizabeth, June 15, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats 10.Queen Elizabeth, May 20, 2014 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

Designer: Philip Somerville; Angela Kelly; Angela Kelly
Introduced: June 20, 2009; October 27, 2009; June 18, 2010

11. Queen Elizabeth June 19, 2011 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats 12.Queen Elizabeth, March 1, 2012 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats 13.Queen Elizabeth, August 8, 2013 | Royal hats

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan; Angela Kelly; unknown
Introduced: June 30, 2010; November 27, 2010; November 23, 2011

14. Queen Elizabeth, June 19, 2012 | Royal Hats 15.Queen Elizabeth, June 26, 2012 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats 16.Queen Elizabeth, June 4, 2015 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer:  unconfirmed; Angela Kelly; Rachel Trevor Morgan
Introduced:June 19, 2012; June 26, 2012; April 20, 2014

17.Queen Elizabeth, May 18, 2014 | Royal Hats 18.Queen Elizabeth, June 26, 2015 in Angela Kelly 19.Queen Elizabeth, July 9, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed (likely Angela Kelly); Angela Kelly; Angela Kelly
Introduced: May 18, 2014; June 26, 2015July 9, 2015 

20.Queen Elizabeth, November 26, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats 21.Queen Elizabeth, November 27, 2015 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats 

Designer: All are Angela Kelly
Introduced: November 26, 2015November 27, 2015

UPDATE: It seems that more and more pale blue hats are coming out of the woodwork- here are two more I forgot:

22.Queen Elizabeth, March 17, 2016 in Angela Kelly | Royal Hats  23. Queen Elizabeth, June 21, 2006 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer: Angela Kelly; Rachel Trevor Morgan
Introduced: November 27, 2012; June 21, 2006

It is another diverse groups of hats with varying brim shapes, crown heights and decoration. I’m struck by the colour combinations- we see light blue paired here with red, gold, black, fuchsia, grey and lime green- some of which are unexpected and brave. As with the other hats, I’m awed by the incredible use of trimmings that give each of these hats, which are very similar in shade, decidedly unique character. This group also includes a number of more austere hats which provides some interesting contrast when looking at the group as a whole.

You have weighed in with your opinions, dearest readers, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this final group. To see the other groups of blue hats in Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe, jump over to this turquoise post, this medium blue post and this dark blue post.

Photos from Julian Herbert and Stuart Wilson via Getty; Cate Gillon/Pool via Corbis; AFP/John StillwellWPA PoolMax Mumby/IndigoWPA PoolWPA Pool, Max Mumby/Indigo,Chris JacksonChris Jackson and Samir Hussein via Getty; Pacific Coast News via Zimbio; WPA Pool via Getty; Press Association; Peter Macdiarmid, Chris Jackson and Mark Cuthbert via Getty; Leo Mason/Leo Mason/Corbis;  Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/Corbis; WPA Pool via Getty; Ian Pace/Demotix/Corbis; Jin Yu/Xinhua Press/CorbisSamir Hussein and Justin Goff via Getty


24 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Elizabeth’s Blue Hats Part 4

  1. This is a good selection of hats, not too many duds here. Sure, there a few quibbles about decoration or placement of it, but on the whole perhaps the best selection of HM’s blue hats.

    So glad the brim was redone on hat #1.

    Favourites for me are: #1B, 6, 8, 15 and 16.

    I kind of like #13 (but may want that flower moved a bit further to the side) and #20 I’m not sure about. I like the size and style but that velvet bow(?), hmmm ….

  2. HatQueen, you have REALLY outdone yourself with this four-part post. Thank you!

    #8 is really extra-special, but I’d like to see #1B again, too

  3. At first my choices were 4,6,9 & 18. I wanted to like 8 but had never seen it from the front. Now that I have seen it from several views I do love it. I love the sheerness of the lattice work in the brim and the slight amount of texture the flowers on the crown give it. It looks like the perfect summer hat.

  4. The color combination of #5 is so beautiful, I’ve always loved it. The Philip Somerville at the top is wonderful as well, especially 1B. The first one looks a little bit like it got wet and lost it’s shape; the brim shape of the second look makes more sense of the trim. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve always liked #9, the AK with the black feathers. The black feathers add such interest to the hat. On the other hand #12 is truly awful, just put the Queen into some white boots and hand her a baton and it would be perfect.

  5. Her Majesty is truly a Hat Queen! She wears such beautiful hats! Masterpieces!

    @HatQueen: What will be the color for February? I’m looking forward to more inventories! They are amazing!

  6. What a historical assortment! My favorites are 15, 16, 11, 8 and 14. That Wedgwood outfit remains perfection in in my view! Hat #20 is a big miss at the moment, but it could be greatly improved since it’s the name hat block and good fabric. Although a typical AK design, hat #9 I find particularly attractive too because of its black underbrim and starkly contrasting trim. Hats #2 and #6 looks dated, hat #10 is just unattractive, and I’ve never been fond of 7A or 7B, no matter how those pesky little buttons are arranged. Although we’re really commenting only on the hats, I pay special attention to hat #18 from the end of the Germany trip because its coat is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Have to agree with you there Snug Harbour- number 18 for me too. Not only because of the gorgeous stand alone grey coat, but it’s teaming with this clean lined, pared back, elegantly trimmed hat. I just thought it was a standout….and a more modern look for Her Majesty IMO. And only last year too! Really nice.

  7. #8 steals the show. Thank you for showing it from different angles.
    I was wondering where the hat HM wore to Prince Andrew’s wedding was and then remembered we were only doing the past six years!

  8. #’s 7, 11 & 16 are among my very favorite hats of HM’s. I don’t see a lot of difference between 7A & 7B though. The brim is just slightly smaller? Once again, Rachel Trevor Morgan does so well with HM’s millinery, her trim is always wonderfully placed and creative.

    #8 is so different from what HM usually wears and it’s really beautiful. Thank you for the alternate views HatQueen.

  9. I really love #6 on Her Majesty. I love #11 too, but the photo of QE is not flattering. The feathers as flowers are just amazing.

  10. #8 just received a higher score, because of the wonderful pictures which were added!
    #16, 8, @ 13 are my picks!
    #1a . . . was that the original intent? It looks like either it got caught in the rain, or it was badly stored in the box.
    Even when it turned into 1b, I still don’t like it.
    #11, 15, @ 21 (YES, 21!) come in 2nd on my score sheet.
    #17, the safari helmet, is my least favorite of the lot!

    HQ, how many posts would it take to cover the pink/fuschia family? Thanks for some fun posts to start a dreary February!

  11. Another great selection for HM. The obvious winner for me is #8; it has long been one of my favorite hats ever for HM, and Somerville knew what he was doing when he made this hat. A close second is #6, which I would like to see be brought out again. Other favorites are #5, #10, #11, #13, #14, #16, and #21. The only one I don’t care for is #18, but I’ve never warmed to these tiny, asymmetrical brims on HM.

  12. I like a lot of these. Numbers 1b, 3, 6, 8, 13 and 15 are tops for me. Thanks for the great post. I too like Philip Somerville’s work. Didn’t he do hats for Princess Diana? I remember liking almost all of her hats which tended to be simpler, either picture hats or an embellished beanie style.

  13. What this retrospective does show is how sadly missed Phillip Somerville is, his hats have a lightness of touch to them. Yet again, RTM’s hats have the edge, but there are a few fabulous Kelly ones; the Wedgewood hat is always a favourite. Number 8 for the win for me I think…

  14. Number 8 is so different from her usual shapes. Is it possible to see it front-on?

    Thank you so much dear HatQueen for all your hard work! You give us so much pleasure.

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