Dutch Queen Celebrates Orchestra

Queen Máxima attended the tenth anniversary of the ‘Leerorkest’ Learning Orchestra today in Amsterdam. For this celebration, she repeated her  ‘double u’ open topped headpiece in padded silver silk. We’ve seen her wear this piece with three different outfits so far and today, she went back to it’s original pairing of a silver cutout jacket in the same fabric and brocade skirt (many of you will recognize this from Princess Arianne’s christening in October 2007 and the Swedish royal visit on April 4, 2014).  As with all other times we’ve seen this piece, I prefer it viewed from the front than from the back.


17 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Celebrates Orchestra

  1. I still don’t like this piece. And I have to say the rest of the outfit isn’t helping either. All I see is a sea of shiny grey. This headpiece looks good at a certain angle but most views are rather unflattering.

  2. Haven’t changed my mind here. The hats okay from the front but from the back the execution is dreadful. And that jacket does nothing for her at all. Time for a retirement on this one Max…

  3. I can handle this open crown hat a little more than others, though it still isn’t my favorite style. I do not like the skirt in this ensemble. My favorite outfit with the hat is the grey dress with blue lace. The hat is definitely better from the front.

  4. You’re right, it’s best from the front. There’s something very clumsy about the rest of the hat, especially that connecting piece. You can actually see the stitches. I would absolutely love the rest of her outfit if it just didn’t have that peekaboo opening.

  5. This one is never good from the back unfortunately. I love the way it looks from the front, this time especially, and it really makes me wish it was a full hat because it would be so interesting, especially in silver. I do wish her chignon was more visible from the front. Overall, a fine look, but not one of the greats.

  6. The way the ends meet in the back (or, rather, fail to meet) over the right ear looks just plain clumsy. As noted, the jacket doesn’t fit well across the chest, and the skirt doesn’t seem related to the whole enterprise. The shoes, however, are indeed fabulous! Not one of the Queen’s most successful outfits.

  7. I agree that this hat looks okay from the front. The back could maybe be improved if the ends of the ‘headbands’ were somehow worked into a pretty twisted updo instead of hanging loose or poking into the ear.

  8. I’m not a fan of the opened back hats but I rather like the style of this one. Not a fan of her outfit however. It looks very stiff, and I don’t like the pairing of the top with the skirt.

  9. Don’t like this hat and don’t like this outfit – we have seen them before and no, it’s not grown on me in a favorable way. The jacket needs a different skirt and needs to be worn to an evening event, not a daytime one. Over all, this is just one more mixed up number from Max. She can really be a hit or a miss many times over.

  10. Queen Maxima’s hat looks like two headbands sewn together, and I am afraid I don’t like it at all. I also don’t like shiny silver fabric worn at a day event. The outfit is rather an awkward fit on her. Her hair is a bit untidy as well. When she gets it right, Queen Maxima can look sensational, but this is not one of those times.

  11. It is a pity that the jacket does not fit well. Otherwise, the ensemble is good, color-wise, with reservations about the open crown of the hat.

  12. This is one of the very few open top “hats” I’m willing to like. And this is my favorite of the three outfits she has worn with it although the top seems ill fitting and is a distraction. The shoes, however, are simply fabulous!

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