Day 2 of Dutch State Visit to France

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their state visit to France today with a meeting with the mayor of Paris, a look at sustainable transportation, meetings with business and economic initiatives, a symposium on peace and security and a visit to Le Carillon, the café targeted in recent attacks on Paris. For this busy programme, Queen Máxima repeated the brown mohair calot hat we first saw her wear last fall.

Queen Máxima, March 11, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats   Queen Máxima, March 11, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

I have reservations on this piece. The first time we saw it, I questioned its material. Today, I question its pairing with this Natan coat. The calot shape works so well for Máxima (her hairstyle is showing it off to perfection today) but the mix of textures in this ensemble simply don’t work and I’m left wishing she had left the coat at home.

Queen Máxima, March 11, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats    Queen Máxima, March 11, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: November 12, 2015
What do  you think of this hat’s second outing in Paris today?

30 thoughts on “Day 2 of Dutch State Visit to France

  1. Queen Máxima looks like she has split a coconut in half and turned one half it upside down on her head! This hat is hideous in texture and colour and looks wintery, so all wrong with this spring or summer dress. I like the pink colour of the dress on her, and the gathering at the neckline is flattering to her. The coat doesn’t go with the dress or the hat.

  2. I am not a fan of the texture of the hat- It looks like the skin of a kiwi or another person’s hair to me. I think if it was a different color or texture I may feel different.

  3. I kinda love it! The hat hair is magnificent, the placement of the hat is spot on, the hat perfectly picks up the background colors of the coat and makes the pink pop, and finally the coat and dress go so well together. I’m getting a retro funky vibe and I’m all for it!

  4. I don’t hate this outfit as much as others seem to. I rather like the coat, and the pairing with the dress works for me. The shape of the hat is a good counterbalance to the volume of the coat. Where I’m struggling is the colour mix, but I can see a tiny bit of brown in the coat in a close up pic. The texture, like others, I’m not sold on. Nonetheless I think she does look well put together, and her hair is fab for the hat shape.

  5. The dress and the earrings are very pretty. The coat is okay. I think I would have liked her accessories (shoes, belt, gloves, hat) in blue rather than the brownish gold mix.

  6. A coconut is a great description for this hat (thanks @Gransgirl!). Oh, my eyes! After the perfection seen yesterday, it pains me to see this. I’m not a huge fan of calots to begin with, but there are ones I like; this is one of the worst though! It has way too much height, which Máxima’s hairstyle this time helps accentuate (not in a good way), and the texture and color are not great at all. The coat is definitely another problem (although I do recognize her trying to work in colors from the earrings). Most unfortunate this lovely dress is hidden by so many other things that don’t work. Overall, a big miss for me.

  7. I love “the coconut returns” from Gransgirl! Maxima is such an attractive woman and the dress is beautifully cut and looks so good on her. The coat is far too busy.

  8. I love the coat and dress – beautiful! But the hat looks like a small creature woodland creature taking a nap on her head…

  9. Ah, the coconut returns ;). I, too, think the coat might be the step too far. Dress and coat, yes. Dress and hat, yes. Coat and hat, competing statements.

  10. She is so beautiful it is difficult to criticize her but this is a most unattractive look. Someone needs to tell her that any hat that is close to her hair color is not going to work. Everyone seemed enamored of the feathery one but it looked awful to me. It’s all a matter of taste I know but this look is a big fail. On the feathery hat similar to this one it would have looked divine in peacock colors. Use some imagination designers and/or advisers. Even this divine lady cannot pull of these kinds of mistakes. Mirror anyone? Polaroids before you walk out the door? LOL.

  11. Queen Máxima’s brown mohair calot hat is the ugliest hat she has worn yet i reckon! She suits the calot shape, but it looks like she has a little furry animal on her head. It doesn’t go with the dress or the coat. The coat is ugly too, and just too busy, and the cut makes her look heavier. I like the pink dress and especially the neckline detail.

    • I agree. Furry animals are best left off the head, even if they are color-coordinated to something — which in this case they are not. There is much too much going on with this outfit, none of it particularly good, but put all together it’s even worse. Someone should take that mohair calot and just turn it into a dog toy/pillow, I’m afraid.

  12. The hat looks like a small furry animal is sitting on Maxima’s head. The whole look is matronly and rather sad. The dress, by itself, is quiet nice.

  13. I’m not a big fan of the calot style. I like the dimensions of this one, mostly because it looks as if it fits well, and we can see it from all sides. I’m not crazy about the texture, and I find it jarring with the coat. It’s ok with the salmon pink dress and brown accessories, but just barely. I’m going to have to give it a thumbs down.

  14. I vote “yes” on the coat, but a very big “no” on the hat. The texture is wrong for the dress and coat, it looks as if some kind of animal is wrapped around her head, and the color does not blend with her hair. Sorry, not usually this vehement!

  15. The dress is nice – but yikes – what a terrible coat – too much pattern on it – and for Max, she looks heavier than she really is when she does ‘up’ a pattern like this. The hat needs to be paired with a different outfit – it’s too fall for this time of year.

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