Final Day of German State Visit To Belgium

After two extremely elegant but muted ensembles worn for this week’s German state visit, Queen Mathilde brightened things up yesterday with some gorgeous colour. She drew the visit to a close with a repeat of her cherry red pleated dress and matching calot hat. In an interesting move, she placed the piece on the front side of her head, almost as a percher hat. The other time we’ve seen this piece, Mathilde wore it on the back of her head as a traditional calot; I preferred yesterday’s placement which gave us a much better view of the piece and balanced the pleats on the hat and dress in beautiful counterpoint.

Queen Mathilde, March 10, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: April 21, 2015
I adore this ensemble on Mathilde (including the more jaunty hat placement) and thought this shade of red was perfect for her – there could not have been a better contrast to Daniela Schadt’s black and white ensemble (she has also looked fantastic this visit!). What do you think?
Photos from Getty as indicated and Wolfgang Kumm/dpa/Corbis

13 thoughts on “Final Day of German State Visit To Belgium

  1. I agree with HatQueen, I also prefer the present placing of the hat to Queen Mathilde’s other wearing, and this pleated red calot hat looks really good on her. She definitely suits a calot hat and looks great in all shades of red.

  2. Queen Mathilde always looks SO stylish, and I love the colour red on her. The hat is really cute. I can live with either the forward or backward placements.

  3. I agree that the different placement of this hat complemented this dress and the color looked great on the Queen. The shoes added some pizzazz to the monochrome dress/hat.

    Could someone explain to me the difference between the German President and Angela Merkel, the Chancellor? Who is the top person and how are the roles of the two different?

    • The German President is the head of state, like Queen Elizabeth II is head of state of the U.K.; they represent the country in a role that is meant to transcend politics. Chancellor Angela Merkel, like Prime Minister David Cameron, is head of government, and therefore is actually running the country. In the U.S., the president is both head of state and government.

  4. Red is most flattering on Queen Mathilde’s ash blonde hair and I like the pleating on the hat, and as HatQueen says, the placement on the head is better than on the last outing. I am confused about the shoes and the burgundy gloves. Daniela Schadt’s classic black and white outfit and black brimmed hat look good on her.

  5. I wish we could see Ms Germany’s hat better. I love her outfit!
    Queen Mathilde looks fantastic in this hat and outfit. Beautiful!

  6. Especially in the group pictures both ladies really stand out among the dark suits. I think both hats are very nice.

  7. The two ladies are better balanced. Their outfits compliment each other unlike the other day. They both look lovely.

  8. Yes, also loving the placement as a percher! This really improves my thoughts about this hat, and of course the color is wonderful for Mathilde. A great way to end this visit. Daniela Schadt also looked great again as well (especially as Germans are, like Americans, not so much hat people). Brava!

  9. I do love Mathilde in red. This ensemble is very chic with the possible exception of the shoes. To my eyes they just don’t go with the rest of it.

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