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For this week’s second open post, here is another look back in time at a fantastic hat from the past worn by Queen Máxima on a visit to her home country, ten years ago yesterday. I adore how the subtle colour lets the dramatic shape shine and would love to see her bring it out again.

Princess Máxima, March 30, 2006 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

What royal and royal hat news do you have to share?

Photo from ENRIQUE MARCARIAN/Reuters/Corbis


19 thoughts on “Open Post

  1. These pictures were in the Daily Mail today in an article about the purses but look at the hats! The lilac is from 2003 and the tangerine is from 2002!!

    I love them both!!!!

  2. Queen Máxima’s dramatic hat looks great on her, and I like that she has had a go at pastels. I would like to see this hat return in the summer. I would like the dress better without the sequins at the waist and wrists, which look out of place in day-wear. I hope you are having a fantastic holiday HatQueen!

  3. Not a great look. The hat is lovely, but would be even lovelier if a bit smaller. I don’t care for the dress at all. I don’t like the knit and the detailing at the waist and wrist do nothing for it.

  4. For mine, the hat is just a bit toooo big…….the dress is a different story though. Very nice, lovely shade of pink.

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