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To open our conversation this week, here is a sweet photo of Princess Alexandra of Hanover and her grandfather, the late Prince Rainier of Monaco, taken thirteen years ago today. I adore the interaction between these two and hope your interactions here, as you chat about royal and royal hat news this week, are just as enjoyable. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue their visit to India and Bhutan this week and keep your eyes open on Wednesday for hats in Denmark as the Danish royals host Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and first lady Angelica Rivera on a state visit.

Photo from Getty as indicated

29 thoughts on “Open Post

    • I have been enjoying the India tour with William and Kate. Kate has been full of surprises in the fashion department which I am thoroughly enjoying. I also am delighted at the worthy causes they are highlighting.

    • Thank you for the photograph, Carmena says: April 11, 2016 at 1:15 pm. I think this is one of the Princess’s best hats, and I think she looks great in the orange and cream combination.

  1. Hello dearest readers- I am online just for a few minutes to check in. I don’t think Kate has worn any hats in India yet, has she?

    Did any of you see Princess Benedikte’s repeated grey straw turban yesterday? We haven’t discussed it here on the blog – I think it is meant to feel like a pillbox but I am afraid there’s too much hair coverage.

    Miss you all but I will be back next week.

    • Benedikte’s hat reminds me of the beret Mary favored a few years ago, although looks like to be sitting at a very odd angle on her head. Reserving full judgment for a better photo.

    • HatQueen, you are TOO good to us, posting these charming photos and even checking in. Agreed about Princess Benedikte’s turban — not a good look for this lovely woman.

      Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    • It is good to hear from you HatQueen, and I hope that you are having a fantastic, and well-deserved, holiday. Thank you for the link to Princess Benedikte’s new grey straw turban. I do not think this colour is flattering to her. It is hard to judge it’s shape based on one photograph, but I don’t think it is flattering to her. I was saddened about the Duchess of Cambridge not wearing any hats in sunny India.

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