Belgian Monarchs Open Ghent Flower Show

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were in Ghent yesterday to officially open the city’s 35th annual flower show. For this event, Queen Mathilde repeated her coral ruched straw headpiece but paired it with a new striped dress. This combination was a bolder duo than the first ensemble we saw worn with this piece but I think the headpiece held its own.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 21, 2015
On its first outing, I declared my admiration for this piece (a departure for me who usually can’t stand hats with open crowns) because of the beautiful movement and scale- I love how it encircles Mathilde’s head like a wreath instead of sitting on top of it like a doughnut. My love for this piece aside, I think I would have preferred this outfit with gloves, shoes and a clutch in a shade other than orange (navy, I think) to let the headpiece stand more on its own. The matched orange accessories are just trying too hard for me.
What do you think of this ensemble and unusual headpiece?
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16 thoughts on “Belgian Monarchs Open Ghent Flower Show

  1. I admire Queen Mathilde and when she gets it right, she hits it out of the ball-park. This is not one of those days. She is wearing so many of my pet hates, a bandage hat, stripes, pleats, and all matching vividly colored accessories. Nope. Just nope.

  2. My only issue are the Queen’s, well actually I’ve been scrolling up and down and I realize that I love it! The open crowned hat is light and Springlike and she and the King look wonderful! Thank you, a Hat Queen, you’ve been missed, welcome back!!

  3. Queen Mathilde’s coral ruched straw headpiece looks too much like a bandage for me to like, and thew horizontal striped dress with the pleats makes her look heavy. The orange accessories as well make this look too much.

  4. Too much orange! However my biggest quibble is those pleats on the skirt – they add bulk where she doesn’t have any.

  5. HatQueen, I agree with everything you said. At first I wasn’t sure about this piece but there’s something about the texture and shape I really like. And it was a wonderful spring day here in Belgium and it was for a flower exhibition so it was perfect, especially in combination with the dress. But yes, too much orange going on.

  6. Still not a fan of the open crown headpieces. I get that Fabienne is thinking outside the box and deconstructing the notion of a ‘hat’, but I just don’t love them. I think that Queen Mathilde looks lovely and springtime appropriate. Yes, it’s a lot of orange, but she’s probably planning on wearing this to the Netherlands soon…

  7. I completely agree on the accessories — too much orange. On a new topic, I have been delighted that Mathilde has, over the past year, been changing the silhouette of her skirts and the bottom half of dresses. I remember when I first started reading this website how often she would wear a tighter skirt that pulled through the hip area and wrinkled. She looks so much better with there is a little fullness below her waist. There comes a time in a lady’s life that she has to accept what I like call a more womanly shape and dress accordingly.

  8. Agree that navy accessories would have been a better choice. I do not like open crowned hats. However, the Queen is a lovely lady and could get away with almost anything she chooses to wear!

  9. don’t like the texture or the color, doesn’t flatter her , her overall look is ok , though the dress gives me a 70s vibe and not a in a good way,

  10. Love the color, still don’t like the style. Still looks like a bandage wrapped around her head; I actually liked it more last time because the placement was better in my opinion. If this was a calot or full turban style, I would prefer it so much more.

    The rest of the outfit I adore! I think the orange gloves and shoes are perfect, and the stripes are not often seen on our dear royals. I prefer this outfit over the last one, but only because I think it’s more fun, not because I disliked the last one. In the end, the only problem here for me is the actual hat.

  11. I am still not thrilled with the hat, but I think she wears it well, and I much prefer this striped outfit to the first one. She looks wonderful as always, but I have to agree that the orange accessories were just a little too much. Navy would have been very nice.

  12. Yesterday’s visual overload all the more brings home my dislike for this style of headwear today. (I can’t call it a hat!) Head bandages just don’t make it in comparison to 160 (actually, only 159) examples of magnificence. #24, if I counted correctly, is the ONLY one of HM’s hats that I totally don’t care for.

  13. Maybe the orange was picked as it was a flower show and the brightness fit in. The hat itself is growing on me. I do not love it but it’s not bad.

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