One Hat, Two Angles

Royal Hats Back in 2005, Princess Alexandra attended the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in a pale lilac hat with high, domed crown around which was wrapped a three-layered sash.

Two years later, she wore the same hat and jacket to the Epsom Races.

Aside from jewellery and a neck ties, the outfits are the very same. The difference here is the angle at which she placed the hat- a tilt of only a few degrees that results in a surprisingly different look. We have seen Princess Alexandra in a number of tall crowned hats recently which has sparked some debate among readers about if they truly work for her or not. The varied placement of this piece adds another dimension to this conversation and I’m curious if you give this high crowned design a thumbs up or not. What do you think?

Photo from Getty as indicated


18 thoughts on “One Hat, Two Angles

  1. I prefer this hat at an angle. I often wear my fedoras and other hats at a slight angle to give it a little attitude andso people know I really do know how to wear hats.

    With the jaunty angle, it draws your eyes to the brim and away from the crown height. I agree that sitting straight on the head (especially with that outfit), it looks quite Edwardian. The lavender color is beautiful for Alexandra.

  2. I love the hat…. tilt or no tilt just means a more interesting and versatile hat. I actually love the hat straight on very Edwardian. Alexandra is so very elegant and Princess Michael’s navy blue hat is also elegant. A win all around!!

  3. Wow what a difference. Like the second photo so much better. The hat looks like it actually belongs in this century.

    This makes me want to tilt a few other hats to see how much better they could look.

  4. The lavender hat looks pretty good both straight and tilted. I do think the dome is too high and if the trim were lighter the extra height might be even more noticeable. It’s interesting how Princess Alexandra achieved a more and less formal effect with the hat angle and her neckwear. Obviously a lady who knows how to wear her clothes.

  5. I like her hat either way. What caught my eye was the OTHER hats in each picture! The first one – wow, a real beauty. The second one – ugh! Someone grabbed a waste paper basket in haste!

  6. I adore the first look with the straight hat; combined with the high, pinned scarf that looks almost like a riding habit stock, there’s an Edwardian effect that I love. The tilted hat with a more conventional scarf looks a bit more more modern. I like that look too! Princess Alexandria’s beautiful, spare bone structure is so elegant. She was born to wear hats.

  7. The tilt makes it look way better. It looks elegant and planned that way while the “pulled down” look looks like she’s wearing itfor warmth. Althogh, straight down full brimmed hats is one of my satorical pet-peeves since they always look pressed down on the wearer and also remind me of mushrooms.

  8. I like the hat on her, but I prefer the tilt style more. I think it may be due to the lower camera angle which makes that high dome disappear a bit.She’s a lovely lady.

  9. I have always had a soft spot for Princess Alexandra. She is very elegant. I am no expert on hats but the banding looks very heavy in the wedding picture. A little tilt in the angle of the hat and suddenly, it looks very chic.

  10. Like it a bit more on an angle. Three elegant ladies here. Hope the York Princesses get some inspiration from them.

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