Preparing For Ascot: Joining In On Racing Fun

Royal Hats While Charles has prepared two more posts for us to enjoy before Ascot begins next week (and I’ll finish up the extended royal family hats worn for Trooping the Colour later tomorrow), he emailed me from the airport en route to the UK (minutes away from boarding his flight!) with a brilliant idea. As he mentioned previously, one of the early bets each day at Ascot is for Queen Elizabeth’s hat.

To bring you in on Ascot excitement, Charles has offered to place a £20 bet on whatever you, dearest readers, pick as your guess for the colour of the Queen’s hat each day. Any winnings will be donated to charity (details TBA) and I will set up a separate poll for each the days that Charles will be attending Ascot (the first three days). As soon as we know what colour the Queen’s hat is on the first day, I will launch a poll for the second day and so on.

Now that we have seen the Queen’s yellow and green hats (UPDATE and bright pink for the Patron’s Lunch) worn for her birthday celebrations this weekend, I thought it might be helpful to also consider what the Queen has worn on the first three days of Ascot for the past six years:

Day 1: Tuesday



Day 2: Wednesday



Day 3: Thursday



Now it’s time to vote on where to direct Charles to place his bet- what colour hat do you think Queen Elizabeth will wear for Day 1 of Ascot next Tuesday?
A gentle reminder that you also have until tomorrow at midnight GMT to vote for your favourite new and repeated royal hats worn in May.
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Preparing For Ascot: Joining In On Racing Fun

  1. Hello! Great idea. I am wondering though…what happens if HM’s hat is multi-colored like the green and pink hat from Day 2 a few years ago?

    • If you look closely, the hat from two years ago is a green straw hat trimmed with wide stripes of pink. I think it’s a green hat… but we’d have to wait from Charles at the races for the official word!

  2. Saddest part of all of this is blue will likely be the lowest bet odds so even if we win, we won’t win much. But all for charity – and for Her Majesty!

  3. This is fun. Went orange. There are some nice hats that have been worn in the past and a lot of pink…my favourite….wonder if she will do a multi colored one like she did once before to upset the polls and bets. Hope she does something like that for fun.

  4. So fun! Although it will probably be blue, I voted for white/cream, partly to be contrarian and partly because it would a contrast to all the color of the last week.

    Good to know Charles still has something in his pocket after splurging on his tartan!

  5. OMG! What a superb idea! Thanks Charles & Hat Queen for organising this!

    I was going to suggest pink for day 1 until HM wore pink for her Luncheon…so l concur with Hat Queen most likely it will be blue…

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