Prince of Wales Attends New Zealand Battle Commemoration

The Prince of Wales was in Longueval, France, late last week to take part in a New Zealand National Commemorative service marking the 100th Anniversary of the WWI Battle of the Somme at Caterpillar Valley Cemetery. For this occasion, Prince Charles wore the uniform of his role as Field Marshal of the New Zealand Army complete with distinctive quadri-corner deeply pinched hat. Amidst the Prince’s many uniforms, the hat of this one certainly stands out.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Clarence House and Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “Prince of Wales Attends New Zealand Battle Commemoration

  1. This type of military hat is commonly called a lemon squeezer and, well, you can see why!

    Here is a link to the names of some of his medals:

    The one on the left in the photos shown above, with its distinctive ribbon, is a NZ Queen’s Service Order – a couple of my friends have the Queen’s Service Medal, which has the same ribbon: It has central alternating stripes of red ochre (kokowhai), white and black in a descending step pattern from left to right with narrow red ochre edges. The design is based on the Maori Poutama (stepped) pattern used in tukutuku wall panels. It is usually interpreted as the “stairway to heaven”, but in this case alludes to “steps of service”.

    Charles was appointed Field Marshal of the NZ Army only last year.

    • This is from the NZ Army website: The hat worn here is known as a “Lemon Squeezer” and dates back to 1916. The hat’s red band is known as a puggaree, a tradition from India, where the puggaree was worn as a neck protector.

    • And finally found something about his sash – our outgoing Governor-General Lieutenant-General Sir Jerry Mateparae has donated his Ceremonial Service Dress uniform and accessories for Chief of Defence Force to the Museum of NZ Te Papa, which has this information on its website: And do you also note the use of Māori kōwhaiwhai design on the waist sash? Sashes are very old elements of military dress, which also signify rank. The incorporation of Māori motifs into the uniform references a strong Māori identity present within the New Zealand Army culture … In the sash, you see the two distinctive cultural expressions brought together – the sash form and the kowhaiwhai patterning – creating a new uniform element which is unique to the NZ Army.

      Kowhaiwhai are traditional geometric patterns, brought to NZ from Polynesia. The word is pronounced something like co-(as in cocoa) fie-fie.

  2. Very distinctive uniform hat! Prince Charles (and Prince Philip) must have a whole room devoted to military uniforms! I’m curious about the medals worn with different Commonwealth uniforms. They must have been awarded by the uniform’s country. It would be interesting to see a complete list of medals that the Princes have been given.

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