Best Repeated Royal Hat: July & August 2016

2016 best repeat small

While the overall number of royal hatted events slowed down considerably over the summer, the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and a number of foreign visits saw numerous occasions which included hats. Based on your comments, nine repeated millinery designs stood out to you in July and August as particularly impressive – it is these designs that we now face off to pick a single winner that will move on to our year-end contest for best repeated royal hat of 2016.

Click on any of the photos below to jump back to original posts with additional pictures and information on each design. Here are your favourite repeated royal hats (and headpiece!) worn in July and August, in the order they were worn:

1.Duchess of Cambridge, July 1, 2016 in Silvia Fletcher for Lock and Co.| Royal Hats  2.Duchess of Cornwall, July 1, 2016 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats 3.2016-07-01 Germany 2.

Duchess of Cambridge’s black lattice brimmed hat by Silvia Fletcher for Lock & Co worn in France July 1
Duchess of Cornwall’s cream and navy straw hat by Philip Treacy worn in France July 1
Countess of Wessex in a blue straw percher hat with lace trim by Jane Taylor worn in Germany July 1

4.Queen Elizabeth, July 1, 2016 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats  5.Queen Elizabeth, July 3, 2016 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats  6.Queen Máxima, July 3, 2016 in Fabienne Delvgine | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth’s lilac straw hat with roses by Rachel Trevor morning worn in Scotland July 1
Queen Elizabeth in a Rachel Trevor Morgan design in blue and red straw worn in Scotland July 3
Queen Máxima’s Fabienne Delvigne designed pink hat with sideswept ‘slice’ brim worn July 4

7.Queen Elizabeth, July 5, 2016 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats  8.2016-07-13-3-rifles-1  9.Crown Princess Mary, August 27, 2016  | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth in a textured yellow straw Rachel Trevor Morgan design with silk roses worn July 6
Princess Alexandra’s ecru straw hat with hatband bow, net and rose trim worn July 13 in Edinburgh
Crown Princess Mary’s cream straw bow fascinator with feathers worn August 27

Voting will remain open until next Friday, September 30 at midnight GMT and each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. To avoid unnecessary influence, results will remain hidden until the poll closes. Have fun voting!

Photos from Pool/Sam Hussein and Chris Jackson via Getty; Westfallen-Blatt; Press Association;The British Monarchy; Michel Porro via Getty; Press Association; Craig Hayes/3 Rifles; Stella Pictures


One thought on “Best Repeated Royal Hat: July & August 2016

  1. I love Maxima in those hats but its a repeat of a repeat of a …….
    For Catherine, that is a v different hat, it suits her and I like it.

    IVe gone for the Queens lilac hate because a single colour, and that colour seems different for her.

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