Birthday of Empress Michiko

While Empress Michiko’s 82nd birthday yesterday was a private celebration, photographers caught a glimpse of her son and daughter-in-law arriving at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo for the event. Crown Princess Masako repeated a bumper hat with pleated brim in the same pale gold moire taffeta as her ruffled neck suit- an ensemble she first wore for the Empress’ birthday last year. It’s not an exciting hat but it works well with the neck ruffle on Masako’s jacket and contrasts well with her dark hair.

Crown Princess Masako, Oct 20, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: October 20, 2015

A short video of the Emperor and Empress was released for the Empress’ birthday, showing them in the garden of the Imperial Palace. Empress Michiko is not shown in a hat but the video is quite charming, I had to share.

Photo from Jiji


6 thoughts on “Birthday of Empress Michiko

  1. Photos were also released of the Akishino family arriving for this event as well. Not surprisingly, it looks like Princess Kiko and Princess Mako were in pale silk pillboxes.

  2. Delightful video of the Emperor and Empress.
    I like the hat and suit on CP Masako. She is into pulling favorites out of her wardrobe to wear it would seem, like many other royal ladies featured recently.

  3. A bit odd Masako would wear the exact same ensemble to the same event two years in a row. I still like the pleats and ruffles, but I prefer Masako’s hair down with this hat.

    • I thought the same thing…. and wonder if she may have worn it to other private family events (ones that have not been photographed) since last year. That would make this choice far less awkward.

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