Day 1 Of Dutch State Visit to Australia

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima kicked off their Australian visit (which will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the landing of Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog in Western Australia) today in sunny Perth. Queen Máxima repeated her sand and turquoise silk linen Matthijs van Bergen dress with matching folded calot hat. This is such a great dress, it’s a shame that this design resembles no more than… a dinner napkin? A head bandage? Whatever it is, I’m afraid, it is neither noteworthy nor attractive.


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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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Designer: unknown (it is absolutely not a design by Fabienne Delvigne)
Previously Worn: November 3, 2014
Thankfully we can all take heart that, from a millinery perspective, things can only improve from here.
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15 thoughts on “Day 1 Of Dutch State Visit to Australia

  1. Not a huge fun of any part of this look – I dislike the lime green ‘flames’, I really dislike the shiny shoes, and I just don’t get the hat. In the harsh sun of Australia she should know better than to be seen without a brimmed hat. I’m afraid I cringe when I see a public figure setting a poor example. Kids in Australia and NZ have it drummed into them to slip-slop-slap … slip on a tee-shirt, slop on some sunblock and slap on a hat … more lately adding “and wrap” (on a pair of sunglasses).

    But I’ll grant that maybe I’m a tad touchy having recently used chemotherapy cream all over my face at my doctor’s behest. What a picture that was! I haven’t sunbathed for decades but the damage has been done.

  2. I really like the type of hat as part of the whole look of this ensemble, which I find very attractive (although I wish Maxima would choose a different and more elegant style of glove!). However, in terms of execution, it really doesn’t shine. I can imagine a similar hat shape in a smooth finish or different material, maybe a different colour, and it would improve enormously, but it really isn’t that bad as part of this overall look.

  3. I like this ensemble from the neck down, but this dress deserves a much better hat. This past spring the shop I work at had a more relaxed portrait hat made entirely about of sinamay in a light teal color that I think would’ve been a great complement for this outfit (here’s a link to the hat, although not from the shop I work at:

  4. Certainly not one of her best, but not SO bad. It works nicely with the dress. Is there a metallic element on the right side, or is that a trick of the light? I notice it in the folds of the skirt, too…a moiré fabric? I agree with Anne S. that a brimmed hat would be more suitable in that sun.

  5. Hard to see in the bright sunlight – that and it’s so close to her hair color — I used to wear hats like this in the 50s – they were sort of like a wide headband and held onto the head by the tension built into the hat. They were really really popular in the mid 50s. I wore them mostly in the spring/summer months. I don’t dislike this hat like so many others seem to – it’s got a pass from me. It’s far better than her ‘donut’ hats.

  6. It’s so sunny in these pictures, I think a real hat would have been the choice for practical reasons. I like the calots in general but I would have gone with a regular hat for this sunny occasion.

  7. Hello everyone. This has been quite exciting…The King and Queen of the Netherlands in my home state!! The style queen and irrepressible Maxima! First things first we are pretty laid back over here in the West and I was a little worried when I read that they were visiting that Maxima would look overdressed. But no…she did her research and struck just the right tone IMO, to both events.
    As to this engagement firstly I have to say that the hat looks better in movement than in the stills and it really was perfectly relaxed and appropriate for the occassion. It really seemed to complement the tea dress and as I said, suited our laid back way of dressing here. Yes, not Maxima at her most elaborate, exciting best but she chose well. She would have looked way out of place if she had done anything more. She wore her gloves (glove) as usual but even they were removed I see. All the locals that came out were charmed by the couple apparently. Very nice.

  8. The calot hat is a disaster, and is impossible to place correctly. It makes her hair look messy, and as lovely as she is, the hat is not flattering.

  9. I can understand the first hat but my opposition although not overly strong is that I do not like hats that almost match the hair color. Texture or no texture for me they rarely if ever work. Yet I do love the second hat which I agree is an improvement. Love the sparkly dress too. I always get excited when this Queen is the subject because she makes me feel happy just looking at her. She is a lovely lady who typically wears smashing hats.

  10. Take heart, dearest readers- here’s a sneak peek of the King and Queen on Day 2. It’s a hat we’ve seen many times but it’s a welcome improvement!

    Embed from Getty Images

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