Day 4 Of Dutch State Visit to Australia

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima moved on to Sydney today where their schedule included visits to the inner harbour and Opera House, Cockatoo Island, the University of Sydney and Government House.

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For this less formal calendar of events, Queen Máxima repeated her modified calot headpiece in pinky-beige ruched straw.

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This isn’t my favourite hat or outfit, but the balance of volume and colour is and pops of colour is good- the overall picture draws the eye in for a closer look at all its interesting pieces.  The neural hat and blouse work well with the bright skirt and necklace (clearly the stars here), allowing these pieces to shine. While I’m never going to be a great fan of orange clothing and accessories, I so admire how Máxima has embraced this important Dutch colour. Here, she wears it well.

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Queen Máxima, Nov 3, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: October 25, 2015 April 2, 2014 
 I think most of us agreed that Máxima’s head to toe orange yesterday was a miss- what do you think about her mix of neutrals and pops of colour today? Does the small, neutral hued hat help or hinder this ensemble?
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20 thoughts on “Day 4 Of Dutch State Visit to Australia

  1. Sorry today’s outfit is a miss for me as well. I do love the skirt and was thinking the skirt would have been great as whole dress. I had forgotten Mathilde’s dress. I think Max’s skirt as a whole dress with her hat from yesterday would be a HIT (even with orange shoes and purse). I also just don’t understand the necklace thing she has going on. All that being said she looks to be having a good time and I do applaud her attempt to find creative ways to wear her country’s color.

  2. I like this look but wished the top had been a bit more solid and fitted. The ‘Lobster’ intrigues me – I would love to know what it is made of and it is a statement piece that only MAX could get away with! The hat looks fine as part of the overall look but doesn’t make a statement ( which was possibly the purpose). On another note.. WAX and MAX know how to do solemn and serious… but when out and about they are always smiling and laughing – what joy – for that I could forgive them anything!!

    • You have a great memory, Jimbo! I thought there was something familiar about Maxima’s skirt. Mathilde’s version looks more unified, although orange hat, gloves, bag, AND shoes is too much.

  3. I agree with all the criticisms, and will just add that this outfit is altogether too prissy for the Natan lobster, which demands a hat and dress with loads of drama to partner it, such as the brilliant outfit Maxima wore on June 19, 2015. I imagine today’s outfit was intended to be an exuberant and lively spring look, but for me the restrained formality of this hat actually detracts from the other components, to the point where I would rather see no hat at all (a rare experience indeed!),
    I liked this lowkey hat well enough in its previous outings, where it was paired with a simple matching jacket, and with delicate aquamarine earrings (although the rose quartz earrings were too chunky). But even so, I still feel that the hat’s colour looks insipid, almost camouflaged against Maxima’s blonde hair; a stronger colour would make a world of difference.

  4. I think this looks pretty good from a distance, which of course is how most people there saw her. That necklace is a creepy mess closer up, though, and I think it throws everything else off. The hat is…fine. Not great, but fine. I do like the shape on her, but the color isn’t great against her hair. But the biggest problem as worn is that the hat and necklace go completely different directions in tone.

  5. The hat is meh and is too small for this voluminous outfit. I would change the outfit. the skirt need to be a little shorter and not so wide. Top should be more fitted. I like the “lobster” collar

  6. I agree with Jake. All the pieces of this ensemble make no sense to me. If she removed all accessories except the hat, she would look very nice (although I think this blouse is not the best choice for this skirt–both the dark color and the volume). I actually really like this hat–it must be growing on me. The color coordinates nicely with her hair and I love the way it looks with her updo–very elegant and understated.

  7. I have to say this is my least favorite ensemble so far! There seems to be so many mismatched items here, and I can’t quite make sense of it all. I will never like this hat (least favorite shape, and least favorite color for her), and I just don’t understand the necklace, while the blouse makes her look wider than she is because there’s so much extra fabric. I much prefer her previous look over this one. At least she and Willem-Alexander look like they’re having a great time!

  8. I do like this ‘get up’ – but it is just that…. a get up – sort of a bit too much. I like the hat and the blouse – I would have rather seen them paired with a solid color skirt. I wonder if her necklace is coral? It’s a stunner.

  9. Not a favorite hat on my favorite Queen, but she always gets a pass from me.

    Don’t she and the King look like they are having fun? I bet they would be wonderful dinner party guests!

  10. I’m in the “meh” camp here, too. I think that if she’d left the very odd necklace off, the orange hat from yesterday could worked with this.

  11. Somehow this ensemble just doesn’t “jell” for me. The hat, though perhaps too close to the color of the queen’s hair, does its job of fitting in to the neutral scheme of things. To me, the main problem is the color of the blouse–too dark in tone for the rest of the outfit.

  12. Much better today, although the skirt is an odd length and the necklace isn’t the most attractive. The small neutral hat helps the outfit because there is so much going on between the skirt, necklace, and earrings that a bright large hat would just add to the confusion of this outfit.

  13. Anything has to be better than yesterday, so I don’t mind this one. I am not crazy about the hat, and the skirt is an odd length, but I would much rather see this outfit than the one she wore yesterday. I like the more neutral palate with pops of color. I love HM, but sometimes her sartorial exuberance leaves me breathless, and not in a good way.

    • Go back and read the comments yesterday- reader Jacqueline was at the Australian War Memorial and reported that Maxima’s ensemble (particularly the orange lace dress) was beautiful in person and felt far more appropriate than it seemed in photos.

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