Final Day Of Belgian State Visit to The Netherlands

The Belgian state visit to The Netherlands wrapped up today in Utrecht. Both Queen Mathilde and Queen Maxima wore percher hats for today’s calendar of engagements which included visits to a high tech campus, a food inspiration lab and Heeze Castle.

Queen Mathilde & Queen Máxima, Nov 30, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Queen Mathilde dubuted her third new hat in as many days, described by the designer as, ” a pillbox hat made out of green-blue velvet in a geometrical style called ‘Lys.'” It’s a beautiful design although absolutely not a pillbox! The rimmed saucer base of the design holds the focus of this piece, the multi-looped velvet bow. On its own, this hat is a beautiful colour, shape and scale on Mathilde and when paired with the Esmerelda Ammoun designed lace appliqued coat, the ensemble is spectacular.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images  

Designer:  Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Queen Máxima’s hat is one we’ve seen a few times before. The designer describes it as a “hat made out of velvet, adorned with a bird made out of paillettes and matching feathers, called ‘Sky Bird'”. While this percher design is also all about its trimmings, it as different from Queen Mathilde’s hat as a percher could possibly be! Pairing this hat with Máxima’s dark purple dress, coat and accessories made for a great contrast that drew out the hat’s pale purple trim while also allowing it to sing entirely on its own. We don’t talk enough about how important good styling is to a hat’s success and Máxima’s ensemble today is a great example of this.

Queen Máxima, Nov 30, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats Queen Mathilde & Queen Máxima, Nov 30, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Queen Mathilde & Queen Máxima, Nov 30, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats


Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: January 23, 2016November 5, 2013

I adore not only how much Queen Mathilde and Queen Máxima seem to delight in each other’s company but how they each have embraced hat wearing since coming to their respective thrones. This state visit has contrasted with another one simultaneously happening in Portugal where there has been no hint of a hat (nor was one expected). These two queens have developed their own modern takes on traditional royal dressing and I am both relieved and grateful that hats have not been lost in this process.

Embed from Getty Images
So… what do you think of this pair of royal perchers today? What has been your favourite hat during this state visit?
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21 thoughts on “Final Day Of Belgian State Visit to The Netherlands

  1. I love Mathilde’s dress and the hat goes really well. Love it! Maxima’s dress is beautiful but I am not a fan of the hat. It doesn’t seem to match in my opinion and to me it is too high. But as always these are two stylish women who portray a love of the job they do so well.

  2. I wasn’t a fan of Maxima’s hat the previous times she wore it. But the pairing with this dress is absolutely perfect.
    Not really sure what to think of Mathilde’s hat. But it works so well with this dress. They both look gorgeous.

    I’m very happy with this state visit. They’re both amazing queens with their own style and yet they seem to have so much in common, like their love for Natan AND hats. I also love how they keep trying both smaller and larger styles. Sometimes it doesn’t work but at least they like to take some risk from time to time.

  3. P. S. I’ll go with Mathilde’s percher as my favorite from this visit.

    And three cheers to both queens for maintaining this tradition without looking anachronistic! They are both very 21st century.

  4. Splendid looks from both queens. I don’t think I’ve seen the bird hat before, but I can see how over the top it would look if not styled well. It looks just right with the rest of the ensemble. The shape and scale of Mathilde’s is excellent. There’s enough motion to keep the color from being boring.

    I love how these two have been in synch with each other over the last few days: brimmed hats in neutral colors, then more saturated colors, and now the Belle Époque influence.

  5. This was definitely an outing where they pulled out all the stops. It seems the dressmakers delved into their decorating supplies. I mean people actually wear watered silk? I think of draperies when I see that, but it’s a gorgeous dress, with a equally over the top hat. Ordinarily I’d say the hat is a pretty and jaunty mess, but it works for Queen Maxima. Queen Mathilde’s hat is beautiful and what else could you use over a cashmere(?) coat, plastered with lace, and trimmed (why not?) with some fringed passementerie, than an oversized velvet bow. These ladies are decoarated like fancy packages. What fun!

  6. Interestingly when I flicked back to the previous wearing of Queen Máximas hat, it was placed over her right eye, this time the left. Versatility….and clever design. Personally I don’t like the placement for Queen Mathildes hat, it looks a bit flat/squat for my liking, I feel like I want to place it a little bit further back or perhaps it should not have been quite so large. Not helped by the height of QM’s bird hat of course when the 2 ladies are side by side. Thanks for the post.

  7. Sorry to say but I think Maxima´s bird hat is utterly ridiculous. I am not really a fan of Mathilde´s either as I think the coat with all its lace would be better with a simpler hat. The first day hats were the best in matching wearer and outfits

  8. Both look wonderful! I was not a fan of the bird hat when it debuted, but hairstyle and placement have worked wonders here.

  9. Wow, Mathilde is stunning and her coat is divine! The cocktail hats pairs perfectly with this ensemble, and I would like to see it put with other outfits in the future (I would also like to see this coat again with a brimmed hat).

    As for Máxima, I’ve not been the biggest fan of this hat because all the trimmings seem too cluttered and random for my taste. I like that she tried a different way of wearing this, which I prefer to the last two outings, but I think her hairstyle could’ve been better. I’m also glad to see the return of this dress, and the great placement of the brooch at the waist. If you don’t recall, this dress was paired with an exquisite pink hat in Berlin in 2011:

    Overall this was a fantastic state visit in terms of hats and fashion for these Queens, and I too am glad the art of hat-wearing is not being lost by these two! (other royals need to take note!)

  10. I agree with all the gushing: the two queens were just magnificent today. I’m guessing that the hat for Queen Mathilde was made with her dress in mind ?

    • That’s a safe assumption. Fabienne Delvigne has released behind the scenes short videos in the past showing her thought process designing hats for such high profile occasions and in all cases, she’s had sketches and swatches (and sometimes even photos) of the dresses and designs the hat to compliment. If she releases something for any of that hats we saw this week, I’ll make sure to share it.

  11. The hat worn by Maxima is the type I wish she would wear for the Prinsjesday event. I love these two hats on these two lovely Queens!!!!! The hats they have worn for this entire visit have been sublime.

  12. The rapport between these two Queens warms my heart. AND they are bringing back hat-wearing to a whole new level. Modern and chic. I love these women!

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