Princess Benedikte Opens Leisure Trade Fair

Princess Benedikte was in Hannover, Germany yesterday to open Freizeitmesse ABF 2017, a large leisure trade fair with over 800 exhibitors offering products related to hobbies, gardening, travel and the like. For this event, she repeated a papakha hat in striking burgundy/purple faux fur.

Princess Benedikte, Feb 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

The colour is not the only interesting design feature on this hat- you’ll note below that the faux fur is embedded on the left side with several rows of what looks like black leather ruffles. These ruffles have always perplexed me a little (what’s the point?) although I suppose they provide a bit of embellishment to a hat that does not lend itself to a flower or bow plonked on the side.

Princess Benedikte, Feb 1, 2017 | Royal Hats Princess Benedikte, Feb 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

Princess Benedikte, Feb 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

Princess Benedikte, Feb 1, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Oct 7, 2008 and likely others

While these papakha style hats are obviously well suited to winter engagements (and faux fur really doesn’t lend itself to many other millinery shapes), I don’t always find them attractive. Princess Benedikte’s mix of grey suit and purple accessories works well to balance this piece and makes for a smart ensemble. What do you think of this purple furry hat?

Photos from Michael Wallmüller and Tim Schaarschmidt


20 thoughts on “Princess Benedikte Opens Leisure Trade Fair

  1. I’d like this more if it matched the purple of the blouse, instead of heading toward burgundy/magenta territory. Having said that, though, PBenedikte looks lovely. She’s a royal that I’d love to meet. I’ll bet she’s very charming and gracious.

  2. I like the mixture of violet hat and purple accessories, combined with a grey suit. What I don’t like are the ruffles, which just look bizarre with the fur. I’m also not thrilled about the choice of style of hat; the fur seems too much for an indoor event, especially since she’s not wearing an overcoat either.

  3. I don’t like the ruffles and the non-matching purples bug me but I just love this princess so she could wear a potato sack and I wouldn’t care!

  4. This hat is not the worst of its sort I have seen, but it would have looked much better had the color been more in tune with the rest of the princess’ costume (which is elegant)–either the violet bow or the chestnut-colored (?) hat should go.

    • Hmmm… I completely hear what you’re saying but I love the slight differences between the burgundy hue of the hat and the true purple of some of the other pieces. It all coordinates and works without being overly matchy.

    • I’m with you Beachgal– if the weather is cold enough to warrant wrapping one’s head in this substantial weight of fur, it also warrants wearing gloves, knee boots and a scarf or fur collar (The Queen, Anne and Camilla get this very well, wearing their fur hats and boots to winter services in stone churches which are notoriously cold and impossible to heat). But worn with bare legs and a summery silk scarf, in airconditioning as we see here, the look is top-heavy and unbalanced. The scale also looks overly chunky for Benedikte, although it’s hard to tell without the requisite overcoat, boots etc.
      Aside from that, I love the grape colour, and I don’t mind the leather squiggles. Lovely hat!

  5. Wow, I hate this hat! It’s plain ugly, doesn’t match the outfit and doesn’t do a thing for the wearer–three strikes. I don’t think it’s any warmer than any other hat, which to me would be the only reason to wear it. With a gray hat, probably something with a largish brim (ala Maxima’s usual), this would be a great outfit.

  6. Noooo! It was OK until I saw what appears to be worms crawling around on it! That must be the leather ruffles? Ick.

    • I agree with Shirley Jean. It looks like some creepy crawly inching its way through the hat. Who knows, maybe in person it might be better, but in the photo, I go with “ick” as Shirley Jean so aptly called it.

  7. Oh I love this hat! Those leather ruffles are so cool- it looks a bit like a brain! such a subtle way to add interest to an otherwise plain hat. I love the grey suit- my only quibble is that IMO the purple blouse clashes a bit with the maroon hat. It may just be the photographs, but the hat might have gone better with either a matching blouse or a blouse of an entirely different color.

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