Belgian Royals Attend Memorial Mass

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium attended an annual mass to commemorate deceased members of the Belgian royal family today at the Church of Our Lady in Brussels. Queen Mathilde used the occasion to debut a new hat in pale grey felt. The design features a tall, squared crown that extends to the brim in a bell, cloche shape, a gently upturned brim and a wide silk hatband. The hatband looks to be stitched to the crown, giving a slight bit of definition to the otherwise unadorned hat. In different light, the hat takes on a purple or blue hue but I suspect (or hope?!) in reality, it matches her coat.

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The the crown on this hat is offset on the brim,creating a short brim around the back (one that leaves room for coat collars, hair and the like) and a wider brim around the front to frame Queen Mathilde’s face.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne 
Previously Worn:This hat is new

The King and Queen were joined by Princess Esmeralda and Princess Lea, neither who wore hats this year.

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What do you think of Queen Mathilde’s new hat?
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16 thoughts on “Belgian Royals Attend Memorial Mass

  1. In some photos, it appeared the hat might have been tilted a bit more to look it’s best, but overall, a very elegant hat that goes well with her coat.

  2. This hat looks lovely from the side, but the brim seems a bit too low in the front. It overpowers and does not flatter because of that. I like the design otherwise and think the plain styling goes with this somber occasion.

  3. Overall I like the hat and I am glad to see her outfit in full as the hat color makes more sense. The coordination of greys is truly wonderful here, even if they don’t quite match (which is very difficult to do, especially with grey).

    What I’m not a huge fan of is this continuing trend of hats with little-to-no trim. I like a wider brim, but to me this hat is begging for some kind of elegant wider bow detailing on the right side towards the front.

  4. Overall, a good hat for the Belgian Queen. I think she needs to take care that it doesn’t sit too low on her head and swallow her eyebrows.

  5. The hat is really lovely. I think the simplicity works well with the coat which I love. And yes I hope (in reality) the color of the hat is actually the same color as one of the grey colors of her coat.

  6. Gorgeous coat. Hat looks a little overpowering in the next-to-last photograph, but it’s a wonderful ensemble, and the hat in general looks good.

  7. You’d think that the short back brim would make this look unbalanced, but it is quite graceful. The simplicity of the hat works well with all the details — horizontal bands and vertical seams — on the beautiful coat.

  8. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect but it’s still a wonderful hat. I like it a lot. Love the felt. And a great combination with the coat and the earrings as well.

  9. Nah, that hat leaves something to be desired. The seaming seems “bulky” on the band and the hat seems rather unbalanced in how it differens in the brim. I don’t mind the difference in brim per se, but rather how it is balanced. That, plus the unneccesarily high crown makes this a no for me.

  10. I love that hat – it’s a wow. She looks wonderful as always; the queen and king ways look very polished and in the moment. It would be fun to meet them..

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