This Week’s Extras


Royal Hats

A peek at some lovely new designs in Jane Corbett’s SS 2017 collection.

I’d love to see this headpiece of exquisite leather flowers on a dark haired royal head and since the creator, Jill Humphries of Jill and Jack Millinery is Australian, how great would it be for Crown Princess Mary?


More out-of-the-box designs made by Stephen Jones for Dior. While I’m not keen on the crin insect or the vertical gold feathers, this headpiece of floating stars is ethereal and very pretty.

Great interview with Rachel Trevor Morgan in London Perfect. Her SS 2017 collection released this week and includes this streamlined purple straw design that is quite striking. Wouldn’t it be great on Princess Charlene?


 Royal Hats

Fancy working for Queen Elizabeth? She’s got an opening for a social media specialist. (Standard)

New pictures of the Danish royal children taken on their family’s annual ski holiday in Switzerland

Such a wonderful series of new portraits released of the Norwegian Royal Family to mark the upcoming 80th birthdays of King Harald and Queen Sonja. The last one, with their grandchildren, is charming.

And finally… I leave you this week with a comment made by the Duke of Edinburgh at the opening of the National Cyber Security Centre on Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. So many of the younger royals like the saucer style of hat that I can picture this lovely purple creation on most of them!

    I can’t say that I am a fan of any of the couture pieces from Stephen Jones. And, on a personal note, why do models always look so petulant? Ugh.

  2. Although Sophie is a huge Jane Taylor fan, I too would love to see a variant of the RTM purple disc on the Countess of Wessex for Ascot this year. Would be an excellent change from all the neutrals and blues she usually wears!

  3. As always, your hat-to-Royal matching are just right, HatQueen, although I like the purple RTM for the Countess of Wessex, too.

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