Princess Margriet Visits Canada

Princess Margriet and Peter von Vollenhoven are on a visit to Canada this week. Yesterday, for the couple’s meeting with veterans at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Princess Margriet repeated a white feather pouf fascinator.

While the choice of a white headpiece for her red suit is a lovely tribute to her Canadian hosts, It feels to me that Margriet’s head and body are going to two separate events.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: April 30, 2011
I can’t think of an example when a royal hat truly looked great with a pair of trousers (top hats and morning suits excepted, of course!)- can you?
Photos from Getty as indicated

26 thoughts on “Princess Margriet Visits Canada

  1. Yes, the fascinator is a mismatch, but this is one of those times when the enthusiasm and charm of the wearer makes up for the millinery shortcoming!

  2. I love the red outfit Princess Margriet is wearing, but the fascinator takes it straight to wedding / garden party terrritory, not a day of mixed engagements, so not what I would consider a success for this day.

  3. I’m afraid that, these days, a white feathery fascinator makes me think only one thing – “budget bride”. Cheap fascinators made in China have been so ubiquitous for so long now, that I would be very happy if I never ever saw this style again.
    Headgear aside, that is one awesome outfit. It takes tremendous confidence to add red shoes, red gloves and a red bag to a red ensemble. Princess Magriet, you have shot right up there with Maxima and Charlene in my estimation. Well done!

  4. Lady Ella Windsor looked very elegant in a beige hat and pantsuit – I’m afraid I can’t remember the occasion. I think the pant suit has to be quite tailored for it to work.

  5. I just don’t care for the white fascinator it looks like somebody took a bow from a package and stuck it on her head. I was thinking of a headband though that might not look right for the more mature woman. Is there a rule that she needed to wear any hat wear?

    As to the Kate/Diana comparisons I agree if it is negative comparison but I actually love the comparisons and think of them as complimentary. These two women are both style icons and are (did) a great job as princesses for their country. What would be bad, would be any comparison to her counterpoint aka Camilla.

  6. I completely agree HQ. The fascinator and the red suit don’t go together at all. If I was forced to choose something else for the fascinator I’d go with a navy and white polka dot dress and even that would be a stretch.

  7. Hey with Pippa Middletons upcoming wedding could we get a preview on Royal millinery as a guest and what style Kate may consider – looking at examples such as what Diana wore as a guest (I know she often repeated to leave focus on bride), in the style of our speculation posts before Christenings and other big events!! Would be nice to see some Diana hats!!

    • A post on what kind of hats royals wear to society/private weddings could be interesting but it’s not going to happen this week.

      A quick answer- the hats Kate has worn to friends’ weddings have been the very same hats she has worn in her royal life. Only a very few times has she worn a new hat to a private event (very likely in order to not upstage the bride) so I think it’s safe to expect to see her in a repeated hat at this wedding as well.

      I’ve also said several times I’m not willing to go the route of Diana/Kate comparisons. On this point, I will not waver. Fashions during their two eras are so different that comparisons are irrelevant and I’m simply not willing to join the media trend of pitting these two women (or ANY two royal women) against each other.

  8. I think Princess Margriet looks gift wrapped, as though she has one big bow on the top her head. And I think she looks great!

  9. I know Margriet is partial to fascinators, but this is just not a good one for her; it looks more like a bunch of scrunched up lace rather than a cluster of feathers unfortunately. A simple pillbox would’ve been a better choice with this outfit in my opinion. Also, it may be chilly, but red gloves with an all-red outfit and handbag is just overkill.

    As for a pantsuit/trouser suit with a hat, the only one I found halfway successful was the gold one Máxima wore years ago as Crown Princess with a wide brimmed portrait hat with a cluster of feather trim; I can’t find a photo of it at the moment unfortunately. I would love to see the hat again, but would nix the pantsuit for something else.

    • I think you might mean this hat? (scroll to the right for additional photos) If so, I agree- this is a great combination.

      Embed from Getty Images

      • Now that I’m in Maxima’s photo archives, I think this suit (love the cape!) and headpiece are also great together.

        Embed from Getty Images

  10. I would like to see the suit maybe with white shoes and bag but don’t dislike the overall effect at all. I totally love the picture of the couple under the umbrella , so sweet.

  11. We Canadians love “our Princess. I think she looks marvellous, and appreciate her tribute to our national colours. She and the Professor are always welcome here.

  12. I actually love that charming little hat, and it looks great with her outfit. What a wonderful look for her. The couple looks absolutely in the moment and are enjoying themselves tremendously, as are the attendees. I do love that red color on her.

  13. Tree planting in wet weather must be a challenge for any royal–maintaining one’s dignity and also one’s stylish appearance must be difficult under those circumstances. The princess and Mr. von Vollenhoven look as if they both gave and received a good deal of pleasure, nonetheless.

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