Queen Presents New Colours To Scots Guards

Queen Elizabeth presented new colours to the 1st Battalion and F Company Scots Guards at Buckingham Palace today. Joined by the Duke of Kent, the Queen, who is Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment, repeated her pale aqua and white boater hat for this event. The hat features a flat crown covered in the same silk wool crepe as Her Majesty’s coat and a round, straight sided crown made of lacy textured white straw. Trimmed with an aqua organza ruched hatband, bow loops at the side and a handfull of aqua arrow trimmed feathers, the hat has a lot going on but remains fairly balanced. It is a beautiful pairing to the Queen’s coat and patterned dress and, as usual, helped her stand out in a sea of military uniforms at this event.


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: July 2, 2016June 18, 2015; June 25, 2014

This is this hat’s fourth outing in as many summer seasons- any new thoughts after seeing it again today?

Photos from Getty and the British Monarchy as indicated

11 thoughts on “Queen Presents New Colours To Scots Guards

  1. This one and the pink one is this exaggerated boater shape are the ones I like for HM; it’s all in the details when it comes to what makes this shape successful or not in my opinion, along with the details of the coordinating outfit. Hopefully she’ll continue to pull out some ones we haven’t seen for a while!

  2. Still love this one. The trimming just softens the flat brim and the coat is beautifully cut. Such a lovely colour too. One of her chicest ensembles I think.

  3. I really like this one. It is softer than the pink one she wore to the garden party. It is nice to see something other than the hats with the diagonal crown that she has been wearing for what seems like forever. I am really starting to dislike that style.

  4. I continue to like this hat. It’s a little dressier looking than most of AK’s flat-brimmed hats. The textured straw crown is unusual and attractive. In fact, I think the hat’s by far the most interesting part of a good, perfectly serviceable but otherwise not noteworthy outfit.

  5. Very reminiscent of the pink hat of the recent garden party, but agreeably softened. She looks fabulous!!

    • The Queen’s outfits must be chosen by color (and temperature) only. The fact that the exact same hat block was used for the hat worn just two days earlier seems never to enter into the consideration of what the Queen is to wear. On several recent occasions the exact same hat shape was worn for two outfits in a row.

  6. I am definitely warming to this straight brim. We have seen it several times lately in highly successful hats. It is a winning style for Her Majesty.

  7. Wonderful hat, I have always liked it a lot. Brilliant match with the coat. And all the uniforms.

    Didn’t she also wear it last July in Scotland for the opening of the parliament?

  8. Queen Elizabeth looks beautiful, as always! Aqua is a great color for her, as is yesterday’s pink.
    Do Gin and Dubonnets have certain life-prolonging agents in them? HM has been non-stop as of late, and it’s just wonderful!
    Ascot is just around the corner! Maybe we’ll seen some new surprises.

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