Hat From the Past

Royal Hats91 years to May 29, 1926 and the christening of Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary- a princes no one expected would one day become queen. The Duchess of York predictably wore a cloche hat she so favoured during this period, trimmed with a hat band and a side posy of flowers. Lady Elphinstone (Queen Elizabeth’s maternal aunt, left) and Princess Mary (her paternal aunt, right) wore wonderful, large brimmed designs lavished with bows and boas.

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11 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

    • Yes, thank you sofy for this! Standard millinery for all of them, but I do so much like Hisako’s hat; with this grouping, I realized we usually see brims with a rolled up edge on the Japanese princesses, and I’m glad to Hisako buck the trend here!

  1. Princess Elizabeth looked great in her cloche hat but I must say the hat on the lady at the far left in the picture looks like a great hat for Princess Alexandra. It certainly looks like her style! I also notice how the nanny is carrying out the baby, very different from what we see these days. While we know George and Charlotte’s nanny is always in the background, we usually see Kate doing the carrying.

  2. Fast Forward 13 years to King George and Queen Elizabeth in Vancouver on this date, May 29! The video is in color, just like “Gone With the Wind ” and “The Wizard of Oz” in 1939!
    Happy Memorial Day, to all who are celebrating today!

    • The Queen had abandoned her cloches by that point. They certainly had an enthusiastic turnout. I realized that just a few weeks later, the royal couple visited the Roosevelts in Hyde Park, NY.

  3. Too bad the baby princess isn’t more visible as I’m sure she is wearing a bonnet. Wonderful photo — as Edie E has pointed out, this really captures the changes in fashion. I love the hint of a smile on both the king and queen. They must have been excited about their first grandchild.

  4. How lovely the Duchess of York looked in her cloche hats–this one particularly suited her. The great tide of heaped up hat decoration of the turn of the century was receding, and the hats of both the aunts look quite restrained in comparison to the earlier ones. Princess Mary’s hat is especially soft and becoming (although she looks rather pensive).

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