Derby Day At Epsom

Queen Elizabeth took in yesterday’s Derby Day races at the Investec Derby Festival at Epsom Racecourse. For this annual event, she repeated her yellow hat in textured straw with plain yellow straw hatband and pink and yellow silk blooms. The warm weather prompted Her Majesty to remove her coat, giving us an unusual look at the hat with its coordinating dress below. Seeing the full context of an ensemble is so valuable and makes me lament how seldom we get this opportunity.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: July 6, 2016June 19, 2015

The Queen was joined by her cousin, Princess Alexandra, who wore a natural straw hat with tall, domed crown and short cartwheel brim, swathed in a widely woven net tulle veil. This large crowned shape is such a familiar one for her (she has twins in ice blue, lilac, black and navy to name a few) that I initially assumed this piece was a repeat however, it is new. In the bright sun today, the hat looks white but it is actually natural straw (something confirmed at its next outing).

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: likely Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn:  this hat is new

Princess Haya bint Al Hussein topped her pale yellow dress with a cream straw hat with shallow crown and large, oval brim. Trimmed with a large pale yellow silk rose and a twisted straw ribbon and worn slightly askew on her head, the look is soft but still high fashion (just as we expect with Haya).

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I suspect Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Michael of Kent and Lady Gabriella Windsor are often spotted at the Epsom races but I’ve not spotted any photographs of them this year- please share if you do! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this trio of pastel royal hats.

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14 thoughts on “Derby Day At Epsom

  1. HM the Queen: classic.
    Princess Alexandra: I like this hat, in the style she has made her own: but not the lime green dress and scarf, which cast most unflattering green reflections onto her pale skin, and make her bright blue pupils look yellowed – see
    Any hat Princess Haya wears is worth a good look: there are closeups and rear view here (better savoured at a quarter speed) 0:05 to 0:38. I quite like this sharp and sprightly take on a simple hat formula.
    And it was lovely to see HM and the Princess both in all-yellow ensembles!

  2. I have long loved this lemon yellow hat and ensemble for HM! Excellent details, especially with the texture of the hat itself. I do think I prefer the hat when worn with the coat; I often think of HM’s dresses as complimenting the primary colors of the hat and coat, and matching more with the trim as opposed to the hat as a whole.

    Alexandra’s hat looks similar to another cream one she has with a big rosette in the front, but without better views I’m inclined to say this one here is a different hat. At any rate, the jungle green outfit is beautifully paired with this hat, although the scarf looks a bit haphazard and would be better removed IMO.

    Finally, I think Haya looks great in yellow (not a surprise to me that she would!), but I’m not as thrilled about the hat as a whole. It’s definitely more of a disc headpiece sitting that high on her head, but I think the gigantic rose trim is weirdly placed and doesn’t flow well with the sleek lines of the rest of the hat. The Sheikh’s black top hat looks really smart on him. Looking forward to seeing what they bring out for Ascot!

  3. It always is so nice to see the dress worn with Queen Elizabeth’s hat. It seems a shame that so much effort goes into this type of hat (floral decoration to match a floral print, hat to match the coat), and all we see — when we’re lucky — is a tiny snipet of the dress. Often, as in this case, the hat (and coat) are not the primary color of the dress but a secondary color, making the hat much more interesting when viewed both with coat and without.
    Princess Alexandra always looks well put together, if not downright flamboyant.
    Princess Haya’s outfit looks a little weird to me. In the first picture her hat looks a little like a witch’s hat, and in the third photograph is almost appears to be floating above her head.

  4. I’m appreciating the weave on the straw of HM’s hat as well as those dreamy blooms. I like it even better paired with the dress than the coat.

    I agree with kisaval’s observation that Princess Haya’s hat seems to be sitting too high on her head. That crown looks shallow — is that the problem? Still, I don’t remember seeing her in yellow before, and she wears it the color well.

  5. The ladies looked lovely as ever. The bright yellow looks great on her majesty and I agree we rarely see the dress underneath the coat. Alexandra as always looks wonderful in the Edwardian hats she favors though to a small degree I am not so sure about the bright green and white with the cream color of the hat. Princess Haya looks great. I find her a very beautiful woman who is interesting as a junior wife to her husband. Does his first wife ever go out and about?

  6. One of my favourites in HM’s current summer rotation, and she clearly feels the same. Lovely outfit and I hope we see it in subsequent years.

    Alexandra is elegant as ever, I’m just not sure about the minty scarf…

  7. Love the sunshine yellow outfit on the queen, and it’s a glorious hat! And I always like Princess Alexandra in Edwardian-type hats; those cartwheels really seem to suit her. Is it my imagination, or is the fit slightly too large?

    1. I love this lemon yellow ensemble – so summery and cheerful.
    2. I now know why I’ve always loved the following hat – exact same shape and texture, different color!
    Embed from Getty Images
    3. Ascot is just arounf the next bend!

    • Aha! With the different band, color, and trim, it’s not so obvious, is it? I can see why HM needs two of these…at least.

    • Isn’t this another of these hats? I think there are others too.
      Embed from Getty Images

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